Battle of the Stitches (Round 4): the Cocoon Coat



It’s been a while since the last Battle of the Stitches,
me and Made by Toya starting to get twitches.
But now we’re back and we’re going head to head,
Battle of the cocoon coat without the bloodshed.

looking down_cocoon coat.JPG

It’s a peaceful battle, there will be no scuffle,
Maria will join us as we flex our sewing muscle.
Alegra and Sapporo star in Battle Round 4,
Lift your heads up ladies, pointless looking at the floor.
Let’s get this battle started, watcha waiting for?


No, wait! Not so fast, let’s talk about the history,
This battle can’t commence shrouded in mystery.
Last year, at The Great British Sewing Bee event,
We tried on Sandesh’s coat, with her full consent.
Her version was spectacular, and deeply admired,
She left us feeling awestruck and thoroughly inspired.

Sheridan Patrick Sandesh.jpg

Toya bought the pattern, without thinking twice,
Maria bought the pattern with her mobile device.
I, on the other hand, was able to resist,
Because I already had a cocoon coat on my sewing to-do list.


Also at the Sewing Bee event that day,
Sheridan invited me for a weekend away.
With Sandesh and Toya I was utterly delighted,
The Isle of Wight for sewing! Of course I’m excited.

Three months later we were on the Isle of Wight,
Sewing and chatting until late into the night.
I made my Alegra Coat in a navy blue wool,
Toya made her Saporro Coat, it was beautiful.

My girl Toya, wow! she sews so freakin’ fast
If it were a sewing race, I’d definitely come last
Within just an hour she was at the trying on stage
Leaving me behind in an interfacing rage.


My coat wasn’t really difficult to sew
but from reading the instructions you wouldn’t really know
Mistakes in the instructions made some parts confusing
I got there in the end but it was not at all amusing.

Inside Alegra_NeedleandTed

It wasn’t in the pattern but I thought I’d add a lining,
Just a personal preference, for improving and refining.
Just one issue with my coat, I don’t know if you can see,
The sleeves are an odd length which really bothers me.




If shorter it would look ok
If longer they’d be great
But as it is, it just feels like
An illogical mistake.



Now I’m dreaming of another one, with longer sleeves and pink.
I can see it looking fabulous, I’m sure, I hope, I think.

cocoon coal_all three.jpg

Hey! look at us in our coats, two distinctive styles
Can you tell we love our coats from our cheesy smiles?
If I could have the pockets of the Saporro coat on mine
It would be a gorgeous coat, exquisite and sublime.


One last thing for you to do, before you click away
Pop over to Maria’s post to see her coat in grey
If you haven’t yet seen Toya’s coat, head on over now.
Thanks for reading my blog post. Laters! See ya! Ciao!


16 thoughts on “Battle of the Stitches (Round 4): the Cocoon Coat

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  3. I can imagine you in it,
    in your cool pink new coat.
    With pockets that we all do know
    one omit should not.
    I am at risk of sounding
    like sweet old Yoda now.
    Writing responses to cool post
    in rhime is hard somehow.
    I wanted to just do my best
    to show appreciation
    of all the effort that you put
    in your post and your creation 😉

    In short, freakin’ awesome Olu!


  4. I’m no rhymster (I’ll leave that to you and Jenya), but this coat is so amazing! Love the shape though I agree with you about the sleeve length. Can’t wait to see your pink version!


  5. I loved your coat and I thought the day we meet for the lunch that looked amazing with the sweater you were wearing. I think the short sleeve is a “thing” of cocoon coats! looking forward for the pink version.


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