“If you want your girl to grow up feminine dress her in a feminine colour like blue.”

Nosh_PaintSplat_Ziggy Top _3

When I made a blue Baby Ziggy sweatshirt for a baby girl, I wasn’t trying to be inclusive, I just liked the colour.

And when Santa said ‘Ho! ho! ho!‘, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t trying to be offensive to women. Political correctness has gone a bit mad recently don’t you think. Dennis can no longer be a menace, Spotted Dick became Spotted Richard and don’t even think about employing only reliable and hardworking people, lazy people need jobs too you know.

Nosh_PaintSplat_Ziggy Top _5

Blue used to be considered a feminine colour, but let’s not get political about a sweatshirt, no matter what colour it is, if it’s NOSH fabric it’s a winner. And fortunately, I had enough light blue sweatshirting left over from Dacy’s athleisure outfit to make a Baby Ziggy top.


Along with the Sew Social Crew, today I can reveal my first make for 2018, a gift for Annika’s baby. Annika is one of the founders of Sew Social, it’s because of her I am now able to talk to, meet up, share rooms with strangers from the internet as long as they share a love of sewing.

She had a baby girl just before Christmas, and a group of us decided to surprise Annika with a few gifts for her new little beauty.

Fabric painting

Paint Splat stencil

With the success I had with fabric paint on Scout’s Christmas Play Pants and the last Baby Ziggy (hack) I made, I decided to keep at it. This time I tried a stencil I bought from the Knitting & Stitching Show. I wasn’t sure if it would work for fabric printing but it worked a treat. I found that a sponge worked a whole lot better than a brush because of the really tiny holes in the stencil.  I needed to wash the stencil a few times between splashes, but it was relatively quick to print a baby size sweatshirt. However, Darcy has asked for one in her size. Great! [said sarcastically].

Nosh_PaintSplat_Ziggy Top _6

Matching leggings would have been good, but sadly I did not have enough fabric. I did however find some cute tights that Baby L could wear with her Baby Ziggy top.

I hope Annika really likes what I made, otherwise I’m keeping it for Erica…

Nosh_PaintSplat_Ziggy Top _7

This was the only non-white doll my sister could find in Smyth’s toy shop. Hmmm! that’s not very ‘inclusive’.

Search for #sewsocialbaby and #babyshowerforannika on Instagram for more cute baby gifts for Baby L, or click on the links below. Whilst you’re there, put a ❤️ on it 😘.

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Do Guincho | Needle and Ted | As It Seams | Made by Sara

@Dottasews | @Mycozyco | @Compagnie M @Stahlarbeit

@Froeleintilia | @Byevamaria | Craftstorming


8 thoughts on ““If you want your girl to grow up feminine dress her in a feminine colour like blue.”

  1. I am definitely a fan of your paint splashes. It is amazing that we focus on colour when children are young and we don’t care as we get older. Very limited black baby outfits, yet as adults we all love black. Colour has no boundaries on a great sew like that top.


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