Your Christmas dress awaits…

Chat Chocolat Spin Dress_IG_2a.jpg

Win the pattern and the fabric

At Madeit Patterns, we’ve teamed up with the Belgium fabric brand Chat Chocolat, to celebrate the launch of their new collection ‘WE’RE ALL STARS’, we are giving away a Spin Dress pattern and all the fabric you need to make it.

The pattern

Spin garment illustration.jpg

SPIN is a simple, classic skater dress with a high round neck, long or short sleeves and pockets. But read on for the recipe to add a little extra Christmas sparkle and pizazz.

The fabric


WE’RE ALL STARS comes in three charming colours; stone red, night blue and forest green. I can vouch that the quality is excellent and you will be craving for more.

Chat Chocolat Spin Dress_13.jpg

Chat Chocolat fabric inspires beautiful creations, so I felt compelled to make a Christmas Spin Dress for Scout (with added bells and whistles). I chose red, but I would say it’s more of a rusty orange than a red. It has a small sprinkle of gold stars scattered amongst irregular black crosses, which adds just the right amount of sparkle to give it an extra little Christmas spin.

How to add a little pizzaz

You can skip this bit and scroll on if you’re just after the giveaway 😉

Chat Chocolat Spin Dress_5a.jpg

I usually prefer to keep things simple when it comes to the clothes I make. But I do like the odd quirk here and there, especially if it’s for a special occasion. Scout absolutely loves the first Spin Dress I made her, she would wear it every day if I let her. So a Spin Dress for Christmas was an easy decision. Here’s how I made it (with a little insight into how my mind works)…

First things first
With my usual ‘make it up as you go along’ experimental attitude, I sewed the shoulder seams, attached the neck binding but did not add the sleeves. I needed to know what the skirt was going to look like before I decided what the sleeves were going to look like. It’s very rare that I plan my sewing on paper first.

Chat Chocolat Spin Dress_9.jpg

The flounces
Chat Chocolat had kindly sent me a piece of plain, solid stone red jersey which made for an excellent contrast between the flounce layers, (black would have worked well too). So after adding pockets and joining the side seams of the skirt I cut 1 skirt piece (from the original pattern) but not on the fold and shortened it to 24cm. This became the bottom flounce.

From the ‘We are all Stars’ fabric I cut another skirt piece (again not on the fold) and shortened it to 17cm, this became the middle flounce.

I decided where I wanted to position them using my tried and tested squinty eye, head tilt technique.

Chat Chocolat Spin Dress_12.jpg

When I was happy with how they looked, I tacked them into place around the top of the skirt. I kept all edges raw, I like it like that.

(Last time my fabric was thicker so instead of sandwiching all layers into the waist seam which would have been too bulky, I simply sewed the bottom layers directly onto the skirt and the seam was hidden by the layers above).

Chat Chocolat Spin Dress_16.jpg

The sleeves
I set the skirt aside to work on the sleeves. I’m embarrassed to tell you how long it took for me to decide on how I wanted the sleeves to look.

Chat Chocolat Spin Dress_sleeve.jpg

I had numerous ideas but it was difficult to just pick one. I finally went for the first idea I had, isn’t that always the way?

Chat Chocolat Spin Dress_6.jpg

I took a long strip (random length) of the solid red jersey and cut it to 14cm deep then added pleats by eye. That’s how I roll pleat. I tacked the pleats to hold them in position.

Chat Chocolat Spin Dress_7.jpg

I then pinned the pleated strip to the sleeve head of the right sleeve, this balanced out the flounces on the left-hand side of the skirt.

After using my squinty eye, head tilt technique again, I decided that the skirt needed some pleating too, so I made another pleated strip (random length) 14cm deep and positioned it on top of the 2 flounces.

I joined the sleeves to the bodice, closed the side seams and attached the skirt.

Chat Chocolat Spin Dress_11.jpg

Scout was delighted with her new dress, I mean ridiculously happy. I might have a hard time stopping her from wearing it before Christmas.

Play Pants

gold paint play pants.jpg

No floaty, twirly, spinny dress is complete without some Play Pants underneath. And if you’re quick, (very quick), you can still download a free pattern using code ‘playpants50’ at the Madeit Patterns checkout.

play pants_fabric paint.jpg

I made Scouts Play Pants out of the Chat Chocolat solid red and added extra sparkle using a sponge on a stick and gold fabric paint. Who knew how much fun was to had with a sponge on a stick!

Scout can now spin around to her heart’s content and twirl until she topples.

Chat Chocolat Spin Dress_2.jpg

I said on Instagram that Play Pants can be worn over or under – over legging, over leotards, under floaty dresses, under the sea. Scout found a new way of wearing her Play Pants, now she’s ready to party.

Now for what you have been waiting for…

The Giveaway

Chat Chocolat Spin Dress_15.jpg

You too can make a Christmas Spin Dress in beautiful ‘We’re All Stars’ fabric. For a chance to win the fabric AND the pattern, head over to Madeit Patterns and Chat Chocolate on Instagram for all the details. Good luck!

8 thoughts on “Your Christmas dress awaits…

  1. You are a creative genius. And there is a girl in Japan who would be happy to borrow that dress when she outgrows it (because otherwise it belongs in the Sewing Hall of Fame). 😉 Love the pants-hat. That’s how we like to wear ours over here, too!


    • Oh thank you Emi. It will be a while before she’ll be willing to give it up, it’s become a favourite. Anyway, I reckon my little one would love a shopping spree in your little ones wardrobe 😉


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