Appreciation and Inêspiration

Inespiration_nosh stars_sweatshirt dress_2

This blog post is dedicated to Inês whose big, beautiful smile brightens up my Instagram feed on a regular basis. And the clothes she makes for her girls are sometimes the inspiration for the clothes I make for my girls.


Illustration by the ridiculously talented Toya (Made by Toya)

With a bunch of other sewing bloggers, we decided to surprise Inês by making something Inêspired. See what we did there? Because we hadn’t been seeing much of her smile lately and quite frankly we missed it.

With the same taste in fabric…

[look here and here]

and the same taste in patterns…

[look here and here]

I didn’t have to think hard about what to make. If our daughters ever got together, they would probably turn up wearing the same outfit…

[Look here and here.]

And there’s plenty more I could show you but how many times can I write ‘here’ before you decide to switch off here.

Inespiration_nosh stars_sweatshirt dress_7

My Inêspiration for this Sweatshirt Dress was this cool Jersey Dress that Inês made last year. I knew I was going to make it one day, it was just a matter of time.

Inespiration_nosh stars_sweatshirt dress_8

I used NOSH Ministar Denim Sweatshirting in Malibu blue and navy, which is definitely a fabric Inês would use, since she loves Nosh fabric as much as I do and it reminds me of the fabric she used for a Loveralls/Spin Dress mash up.

Inespiration_nosh stars_sweatshirt dress_1

The drawstring is black NOSH Denim Sweatshirting+, left over from a dress that I made for myself that I’m yet to share with you. And look, I forgot to tie a knot at the other end of the drawstring, ooopsie!

Inespiration_nosh stars_sweatshirt dress_5

I can not get enough of Nosh Denim Sweatshirting+, it’s my absolute favourite. I’ve used it before, here, here, here and here. I promise that’s the last time I write ‘here’ as I’m beginning to sound like a politician at the House of Commons. I am so grateful that I am able to collaborate with Nosh and use their superior quality organic knit fabric for my girls.

Inespiration_nosh stars_sweatshirt dress_3

The pattern I used was Pia, it’s written in German but after learning what ‘Eine Nahtzugabe von 1 cm ist bereits im Schnitt enthalten’ meant, I managed to make the dress with common sense and pictures alone.

Inespiration_nosh stars_sweatshirt dress_6

‘Lassig, sportlich and bequem’ translates to ‘casual, sporty and comfortable’ and it certainly is that, so I give Pia a thumbs up for being exactly what it says on the tin and it’s highly likely that I’ll use the pattern again.

Inespiration_nosh stars_sweatshirt dress_4

I hope you like your little surprise Inês, and no sewing for you tonight because you have a lot of blog posts to read from your sewing friends (just look below) who really appreciate each and every sewing project that you share with us. Thank you and hugs right back atcha.

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Inespiration_nosh stars_sweatshirt dress_9

And in case you were wondering, the boots are Dr Martens, I just could not resist. Could you?

18 thoughts on “Appreciation and Inêspiration

  1. Wow. Just. Wow. What great taste you have. The dress is GORGEOUS and the combo with the Dr marten’s is STUNNING. Thank you also for pointing to a new blog to follow. What a lovely gesture you made! I’m now ‘inêspired’ to make the dress, and oh joy, I just purchased it a few weeks ago. A sweatkleid, lässig, sportlich & bequem; that can only be sweatkleid Pia, by Fadenkäfer, I thought. So this must be the sign I was waiting for to start cutting the fabric I also already have waiting… 😂 (I’m not affiliated lol)


    • Oh thank you very much Duifkruid, ha ha I love that you are now inêspired too. Correct that is the same pattern, thank you for the link, I wasn’t able to find it again on the Makerist site. I can add it to my blog post now 🙂 Such a coincidence that you had already planned to make one. Just 3 things I did differently to the pattern. 1. I put in a neckband rather than using a facing. 2. I changed the shape of the pockets slightly, so they don’t look so long. 3. I made buttonholes for the drawstring.

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  2. Whoa Olu!!! This post is amazing. Now that I’ve stopped laughing (because you are hilarious), I can say that the outfit is so perfect!!! And now I’m going to have to check out that pattern even though I cannot read German to save my life. I have that exact fabric, too. I love the Nosh denim sweatshirting; it might be my favorite as well. Oh! And the boots. Super duper cool. Though now I’m probably a dork for using the word “duper.” ha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha! Emi. Bringing back ‘duper’ back. I haven’t heard anyone say that in a long while.

      Thank you, yes the fabric is amazing, glad you think so too. I love the dress (not perfect) I didn’t point out the imperfections but I also didn’t photoshop them out (this time) lol!!!


  3. Olu, I love reading your posts. I’m pretty sure I say this every single time I leave a comment here but it’s so true. I believe that’s something you share with Inês, you’re both inteligent and funny women. ❤


  4. Sweet Olu, I have no words for this!!! You are definitely and inspiration to me so having you taking part on a surprise like this is priceless and my heart is full! This outfit is so cool, totally something I would love to do, in fact I have that fabric on my stash hahah I love your writing, you brighten my days with your sense of humour for sure and I really treasure having you in my life. Sending big hugs for this, a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Ps: I want to buy docs for me and my kid this year! Those blue ones are amazing and I’m not even commenting on the socks, just perfect styling! ❤

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