10 looks to inspire your back-to-school sewing

Two weeks left of the summer holidays and for a change, I’m feeling smug because I’ve bought school shoes for Darcy. Yaaayyyy!!! Buying shoes for Darcy is a near-impossible task. I mentioned before my Cinderella theory.

Put yourself in her shoes

Darcy has ridiculously narrow feet and one foot is longer than the other, so shoe shopping is like filling in your tax return, you know it’s going to give you a headache, so you put it off and put it off, then finally do it at the absolute very last minute.

Bjorks skirt_Sling Bag_3

But after over an hour in a specialist kids shoe shop all the way up in Aberdeen and nine pairs of shoes later, we finally found some Geox that of course don’t fit perfectly, but look great and are probably the best fit we’re going to get.

And if you read my blog post last week you will know I made Darcy a school uniform Bjork skirt too, that fits like a glove.

So, are you ready for back-to-school? That’s if your kids are not back to school already, in the UK the school year is different from other countries. But still, if you have ever thought about sewing school uniform or clothes for your kids to wear to school, I have just the inspiration you may need, in a handy LOOKBOOK style, so just ring that bell…

school bell

And remember you can still get 20% off all Madeit patterns until the end of the August using code ‘btsnat‘ at checkout.Back to school graphic6





3 thoughts on “10 looks to inspire your back-to-school sewing

  1. She’s so lucky she has a mama who can see her things to fit her exactly ☺ too bad you or your husband weren’t a cobbler so you could make her the perfect shoes as well!


  2. Oh, Olu, I have very narrow feet, and my big girlie has ridiculously narrow feet also! So I hear your pain! At least making skirts that fit out skinny children is easier. Perhaps we should take up shoe making also as finding shoes for my girlie is a task and a half also?


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