Back to School with Madeit Patterns

Bjorks skirt_1

We’re only half way through the summer holidays and I’m already talking about going back to school, shame on me. It’s like using the ‘C’ word in July, it’s just wrong. Would you believe the Christmas shop in Selfridges is already open. Oh no! sorry, sorry, I used the ‘C’ word in August. Please for give me.

I’m usually a last minute dot com kinda gal. But this year I decided to make school uniform, yes I know, what kind of person bothers making school uniform when you can buy it from Sainsbury’s for cheaper than a whole chicken? Well, I never thought I’d go down that road, but here I am making school uniform in August all ready for the start of school in September. Would you adam and eve it?

Bjorks skirt_3

Bjorks skirt_6

It was Victoria who convinced me that sewing school uniform was a good idea. I did resist at first, but being a journalist means she has excellent powers of persuasion and she had me agreeing with her in 2 minutes flat.

She pointed out that our children wear school uniform for 190 days of the year, leaving only 175 days to wear handmade clothes, so why not change that ratio. If they wear handmade clothes to school as well as at the weekends and school holidays, then we get to smile more often. After all, when we see our children in clothes that we’ve made with my own hands, it never fails to make us smile –  right?

So I asked a bunch of talented sewing bloggers to join me in a back to school sewing extravaganza.

TRUDY – Fox and Me
BROOKE – Idle Sunshine
MARIA – My Cozy Co
EMILY – Enjoyful Makes
THAO – Little Cumquat
SASKIA – She Who Sews
MIRANDA – Inspinration
ANN – Atelier In ‘t Leerke
TOYA – Made by Toya 

Back to school graphic5

Victoria also pointed out that Madeit patterns would the perfect choice of patterns to use. I was in total agreement.

Bjorks skirt_2

I chose The Bjork skirt to make for Darcy. The Bjork is an apron style skirt pattern that Anna designed before I joined Madeit Patterns, I had never made one before, but it was on my to-sew list.

It’s a really good feeling to tick something off your to-sew list, seeing as mine has 1291 items on it. Only 1290 items to go, yesssss!!!!

Bjorks skirt_4

And I just happened to have fabric in the right colour already, I can’t even remember buying it. I knew the fabric was going to be a bit too soft/floppy for holding pleats, so I sewed a line of stitches close to the edge of the crease line to permanently hold them in place. Now ironing after washing, is going to be a doddle.

Bjorks skirt_5

The Bjork skirt has removal straps which I think are really cool but maybe a bit too young looking for school uniform for a 10 year old, so I left the straps out.

The skirt was looking very smart and I was really happy with the outcome but it was missing a little Needle and Ted quirk…

button_close up

Da nah!!! Quirky ‘back to school’ buttons. You like? They are purely for decoration and quite discreetly positioned, so Darcy should get past the uniform inspectors without a problem.

Bjorks skirt_Sling Bag_2

I had already made a Madeit Patterns Sling Bag for Darcy earlier in the year. Get me for being ahead of the game. This is most unusual. But I’m liking it.

Bjorks skirt_Sling Bag_1Bjorks skirt_Sling Bag_3

As part of the ‘Back to School’ extravaganza, Madeit Patterns are having a Super Sale on all patterns. Use code ‘btsnat’ to get 20% off at checkout.

Back to school graphic6

And for more Back to School inspiration, pop back here next week because I’ll be showing you the super cool

Madeit Patterns ‘Back to School’ Lookbook

If you haven’t ever considered sewing school uniform before, you might just be convinced like I was. That’s if you’re not convinced already. Well, are you?

13 thoughts on “Back to School with Madeit Patterns

  1. When I saw you made a school skirt, I did think, what is she thinking? Who needs to make school uniform? Alas, I see a perfectly formed skirt at a good length, nice going. The buttons are a perfect touch.
    Looking through everyone’s makes I love what everyone has done to go back to school.


    • Thank you Bo, I can hardly believe myself that I went down that road. But I do think it’s the best school uniform skirt Darcy has ever had. It fits, it’s comfy, it’s warm. Ticks all the boxes actually. And yes, I think the length is perfect.


    • Thank you Thao, I lengthened the skirt by 12cm because my daughter is very tall, but she choose the length and I agree it looks really classy. And I thoroughly recommend the Sling Bag, I use mine a real lot.


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