Food, friends & fabric

2015 we did PARIS, 2016 we did LONDON, this year it was AMSTERDAM and oh what fun we had. For the most part, it was food, friends and fabric. Well, what else do you need on a sewing blogger meet up?

Actually, would you believe the fabric part was kept to a minimum, buying fabric that is. We were more interested in printing fabric. One of the highlights of our trip was a Bobbinhood Screen Printing Workshop. I took with me 1.3m of light pink Stretch Sweatshirting from NOSH fabric and a design idea that Scout had given me. It’s always good to involve my girls when making clothes for them. It’s a psychological trick just like when you let your kids cook with you and they happily eat things they would never have tried otherwise.

screen printing3.jpgscreen printing4.jpg

So, Scout chose the fabric from my little treasured pile of joy for NOSH co-operations. She told me that she wanted circles, squares, triangles and hearts. Great! I was loving that idea and in fact, the way I was envisioning the print was definitely something that I would make a beeline for if I saw it in a fabric shop.

screen printing1

The last time I tried screen printing was over 25 years ago, so a workshop to refresh my memory was definitely a good idea. Especially since I’ve had a Bobbinhood screen print kit since last year and I’m rather ashamed to say I haven’t used it yet.

Barbara’s demonstration made it look easy (she didn’t even wear an apron), but I knew it was going to be a slow and messy process for me because that’s the kinda gal I am.

screen printing2.jpg

Printing my 1.30m of fabric took me far longer that it would a normal person, but at least it meant I prolonged my fun 😉

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Some of the others started after me, did far more complex designs but still finished before me. I’m only fast at 3 things. Eating, running and… OK, make that 2 things.

Whilst at the workshop I also purchased a few more ink colours, without thinking that I was travelling home with hand luggage only. Good job Toya (my roomie) reminded me before we got to the airport or my gorgeous metallics and bright colours would have had to stay in Amsterdam.

Laura to the rescue!!!screen printing12.jpg

Luckily Laura was putting her luggage in the hold, so she was able to bring them back to England for me. Phew!

I was pleased with my final print; bold, simple and graphic. Scout was delighted, and Darcy begged me to make her something from the fabric too.


Cutting 2 sweatshirts from 1.3m of fabric I didn’t have the luxury of carefully and deliberately choosing how the shapes were positioned on each pattern piece. But as Nosh sweatshirting is 160cm wide, it wasn’t too much of a squash and a squeeze.




The ice lolly may have not been my best idea, you should have seen the state of her sweatshirt 2 minutes after this shot.




Sweatshirt: Madeit Patterns The Ziggy top
Fabric: Nosh Stretch Sweatshirting, light pink
Tulle skirt: Tutorial here








Sweatshirt: Simplicity 5488 
Fabric: Nosh Stretch Sweatshirting, light pink
Shorts: RTW

Amsterdam Sew Social1.jpg

Amsterdam Sew Social7

It was such good fun (as always) meeting up with the Sew Social crew. Until next year ladies. And many thanks to Barbara for an excellent workshop. xx

9 thoughts on “Food, friends & fabric

  1. You make me “want” to try screen printing ❤️❤️❤️In love the Scout design! I use the same trick when I need my little model 😂


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