See you at 6…

…and don’t be late

see you at 6_Darcy_1

I’ve often wondered about the effectiveness of someone telling you not to be late. Does it really work? Does it prevent traffic or falling asleep on the sofa? Or is there the assumption that you are purposely intending to be late? Wouldn’t they be better off simply saying, ‘Come early’?

Being on time is a big effort for me, it doesn’t come naturally. My biggest problem is that I try to fit as much as humanly possible into the time I think I have prior to having to leave home because I feel a sense of achievement when I tick things off my never ending daily to-do list.

Also, I don’t leave room for contingency. If I realise I need my sunglasses as I’m about to walk out the door, 2 minutes spent looking for them, means I’ll be late. If I unexpectedly have to stop at a red traffic light on my journey, I’ll be late and if there isn’t a free parking space right outside where I’m going, well, that’s it, I’m late.

But apparently, you should never plan to be on time, but rather plan to be 15 minutes early. However, that would only irritate me and make me think about all the things I could have done had I known I had 10 – 15 extra minutes spare.

See you at Six

However, the title of this blog post is not only about what you might say to someone you’re meeting for dinner, it is also the catchy name of a charming and delicious fabric brand with a new collection called Playtime.

The Playtime Collection was put together by Deborah Sluijs and her sister Naomi Sluijs. I follow Deborah on Instagram and her feed brings about all the same emotions in me as when I look through the window of Ottolenghi. So when she asked if I wanted to try out the new fabric, it was like Yotam Ottolenghi himself asking me to try out some of his new cakes.

  1. What an honour.
  2. Yum!
  3. How do I choose?
  4. Can I have a small piece of everything?


After 72 hours of failing to choose on my own, I asked my girls to make the decision. Darcy chose a soft baby blue French Terry with rows of tiny illustrated bunting flags. Scout chose a soft peach French Terry with blue fish illustrations. Both quirky and novel without being childish.


I made Simplicity 5488, the short sleeved sweatshirt top with a kangaroo pocket for Darcy, at her request.


Also some matching skorts, (skirt at the front, shorts at the back, the best of both worlds). The pattern (by Lil Luxe Collection*) was meant for woven fabric so I had to size down a couple of sizes.

*The pattern is being updated, so unfortunately not unavailable at the moment.


I added some silver piping along the sleeve at the front and back, along the pocket edge and at the bottom edge of the skorts. Nothing too dramatic but enough to make Darcy smile.


See you at 6 French Terry is soft, warm and fantastic quality. It gets two thumbs up from Darcy, Scout and me.


Something fishy

Scout fishing


For Scout, I sewed Madeit Patterns Ziggy Top, one of my most used patterns. I just added cuffs and a hem band because having a rib to match the main fabric is a luxury that needs to be taken advantage of.

The Ziggy top_fish1The Ziggy top_fish

There are plenty of other beautiful fabrics in the Playtime Collection, including some cotton lawn in colours that will inspire your sewing projects. I would quite happily sew up a wardrobe full of this goodness for my girls and for myself.

Head on over to See you at Six right NOW to feast your eyes on the full collection. Don’t be late 😉

10 thoughts on “See you at 6…

  1. What a great blogpost! Being on time is also a big effort for me! It runs in the family i’m afraid 😀 Just love wat you made with our fabrics and that you like the quality so much. Thanks a lot for testing it out in such a stunning way!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your girls are adorable ❤️ The fabrics are both very pretty and look great on them too! They look so huggable and cozy!


  3. I am the exact same way about planning on when to leave! I don’t want to waste a single moment. And then, I hit that red light, or I can’t find my sunglasses and I’m late. It was even worse when Hazel was smaller and would be in need of a diaper change just as I was about to leave to get the kids from homeschool co-op. How does that happen?! She would otherwise never go at that time.

    Anyway, I think it’s so awesome that you had the girls decide for you on the fabrics! They did a great job and the tops are so cool!


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