If the shoe fits…

…actually the shoe didn’t fit [insert crying emoji].

Tie back boots_Needle and Ted_1

I made a boo-boo [insert another crying emoji]. In my haste, I cut out a size 6 (as I’m a UK size 6), but I forgot that the pattern is US sizing [insert one more crying emoji, then get over it].

Tie back boots_Needle and Ted_2

So these Twig and Tale tie-back-boots are not for me as I intended. So who do they fit? Cinderella?

Tie back boots_Needle and Ted_4

Have you ever wondered why no one in the whole entire kingdom had the same size feet as Cinderella? Well, I have figured it out…

Tie back boots_Needle and Ted_6

Perhaps Cinderella is a bit like my daughter whose feet do not fit ANY shoe. Cinderella’s shoes were bespoke, therefore they were a perfect fit lengthwise and widthwise. So now I’m imagining a shoe that fits Darcy perfectly. I can only imagine because such shoe does not exist, ANYWHERE.

Tie back boots_Needle and Ted_7

Darcy is a UK size 4, actually, make that a UK size 4 on her left foot and a UK size 4.5 on her right foot. She also has ridiculously narrow feet. The average width of shoes in the UK are a G fit. Darcy is a C fit. So average shoes do not fit her (at all), she can practically put two feet in one shoe it’s that ridiculous.

Tie back boots_Needle and Ted_8

Buying shoes for Darcy is nearly impossible. Shoes are not made in a C width and only a few brands go as narrow as a D. Shops never stock D width shoes, they always have to be ordered in, and there is no guarantee that they are going to fit well enough to get away with wearing on a daily basis.

So now imagine Darcy had some shoes especially made for her (which is probably what we’ll have to do once her feet stop growing). Size 4C on the left foot and size 4.5C on the right foot. See where I’m going with this one?

Tie back boots_Needle and Ted_9

Basically, if the prince found Darcy’s custom made shoe, it would only fit Darcy and nobody else. Reason why Cinderella’s glass slipper did not fit anyone else in the kingdom.

Tie back boots_Needle and Ted_10

But unlike Cinderella, this fairytale does not have a happy ending. You see, I was going to give my tie-back-boots to Darcy. I even narrowed down the sides by using a bigger seam allowance. And when she tried the left one on, it fit. But as I’ve said, Darcy’s right foot is half a size bigger than the left foot, so the right boot did not fit [inset sad emoji].

Tie back boots_Needle and Ted_3a

But we can not end our story here, we need a happy ending, but I haven’t got one [insert laughter emoji]. Let’s just say, ‘To be continued…’

Tie back boots_Needle and Ted_5

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10 thoughts on “If the shoe fits…

  1. Oooo, so cool. I have never thought about sewing slippers. what a good idea I love the touch of the ribbon at the back. I have just been on Twig and Tale website, what a great selection of slippers on the tour. I am inspired.


  2. I am looking forward to Part 2 of this series because these boots are so awesome that I want you to make another pair!! Oh, and just so you know, I am a US size 6…. 😉 LOL!


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