The cool bit at the bottom of your bed


SLING Bag by Madeit Patterns_1

You know when you’ve been lying in your bed and you haven’t moved for a while. Then you stretch your legs out and are momentarily shocked by how cool it is down at the bottom of your bed. In some ways it’s quite a nice feeling to find that cool bit. So you move your legs around a little more searching for all the cool bits until all the cool bits become warm bits and suddenly your little cool bit game has sadly come to an end.

Well, just keep thinking about that cool bit, because I just made myself a SLING bag and it’s even cooler than the cool bit at the bottom of your bed. Imagine that.

SLING Bag by Madeit Patterns_2

The SLING bag by Madeit Patterns is an everyday, hands-free, wearable bag. It makes a big style statement when slung right across the body and purposely made in a fabric to compliment your outfit.

SLING maxi, the largest size is not meant to be discreet. It likes the limelight, it’s comfortable to wear and…

…hold up, there is so much I could tell you about my cool new bag from Madeit Patterns, but I think it’s best you just…


…to get all the juicy details. Including an exclusive early bird offer code that you really do not want to miss.



8 thoughts on “The cool bit at the bottom of your bed

  1. You are so funny. I didn’t know where you were going with the cool bit. It does look like a cool bag. Love a bag that you can keep your goods safe. Nice to see you doing accessories.


  2. And… when all the cool bits under the covers are all gone, just stick your foot and lower leg outside the bed and let it dangle. OK it doesn’t look cool, at least not as cool as your bag, but it does work lol.


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