A surprise discount

Banana Groove Dress by NeedleandTed_1

Move over watermelon, step aside pineapple, right now the banana is having a fashion moment.

Don’t you just love a fruity fabric?

When I showed Scout her new Groove Dress she went bananas over it. I can totally understand why, I find it really a-peel-ing myself. Ha ha, how could I possibly get through this blog post without a banana pun or two.

Banana Groove Dress by NeedleandTed_6

I’ve made more Groove Dresses than I can keep count of, but this one has a few ickle details that make it one of my all time favourites.

Hold up! There’s a surprise discount for you at the end so read on peeps. Well I suppose it’s not really a surprise if I’ve just told you about it, but what is the discount for? Read on I tell you, read on…

Detail 1: The fabric

Banana Groove Dress by NeedleandTed_8

Big, bold, graphic bananas against a simple grey marl background. It makes a striking style statement, not one of your five a day but and it speaks the language of a 5 year old. We both love it.

And I have a soft spot for French Terry because of it’s ‘inbetween’ weight, heavier than jersey, lighter than fleece. Perfect for the weather we had on Monday, warm and cool within the same given minute. What’s with that?

This fun, fabulous, delicious fabric is from Luckyshop0228 on Etsy. And look, I just found some carrot fabric too. Have a rummage around, they have over 1000 fabrics to choose from, you will be in fabric heaven.

Detail 2: Pockets

Banana Groove Dress by NeedleandTed_2

Yesssss!!! I added pockets to my Groove Dress, why I’ve never done that before, I do not know. I used the pocket pattern piece from the Spin Dress, positioned them right were Scouts hands fall at her sides. Stitched them to the front and back of the dress with right sides together, then joined everything together starting from the sleeve, down along the sides around the pocket and to the hem. Simple. As. That.

Banana Groove Dress by NeedleandTed_3

The £1 coin test

And hurrah! the pockets passed the £1 coin test. At the start of the day I put a £1 coin in Scouts pocket. We went to the park, she spent hours running, sliding, spinning, twisting, climbing, tumbling, turning, hanging… and by the end of the day, you guessed it, she still had the £1 coin in her pocket. I say, that’s a perfectly functional pocket right there.

Detail 3: A label


A custom woven label takes handmade clothing to another level. It’s that finishing touch that oozes professionalism and conveys quality. Cool right?

In all our Madiet Patterns tutorials we suggest exactly the best moment to stitch in your label and even offer some really fun templates for you to download.


But if you want you very own professionally made labels I recommend The Dutch Label Shop. I had a very positive experience with them and was super impressed with the quality.

You can get either a basic label, you choose your font, your text, your colours and a symbol or completely customise your label like I did and have whatever you want, exactly how you want it. I designed mine in Adobe Illustrator and emailed them a PDF.

It was pretty straight forward but I spent the majority of my time choosing a size and a label type. In the end I went for 9x46mm, end fold left and right, sew-on (rather than iron-on). Iron-on was tempting but not as professional looking.


When I make clothes I consider it art, and as an artist a label is your signature.


To be honest I sometimes cut labels out of clothes because my girls find them irritating against their skin. I’m not going to tell you that these labels are irritation free but if you don’t like labels on the inside at the back of your clothes you can get creative and put them elsewhere. Just make sure you decide where they are going before you design the label so you can take the size and shape into account.


Ted would have worked great if I designed a label that wrapped around the hem. My girls would have loved it, but not on my clothes, I’m far too sophisticated for that 😉

Madeit new logo_square_form google form

Or the Madeit logo tucked into a side seam, on the outside of a garment. But not everything I sew is a Madeit pattern.

I liked the idea of having a generic label (with a play on ‘Made It’), a label which I can use for my daughters’ clothes and for my clothes and even give some to my sister if she’s lucky.

Banana Groove Dress by NeedleandTed_4

Now for the discount

The Dutch Label Shop is offering you, that’s right you (and all your friends and family) a 15% discount in their shop. Just enter the code “madeitpatterns” when prompted during the purchase process. The code is valid until 4th May 2017.

Banana Groove Dress by NeedleandTed_5

My favourite label is a discount label 😉


12 thoughts on “A surprise discount

  1. What a punny post! I really went bananas over it, and the fabulous dress. fabric. label… Can’t wait until my granddaughter is old enough. You really don’t monkey around!


  2. Well you already know that I love the groove dress, but every time a see it in a new material it looks like a new piece. P.S. Love the little labels.


  3. Ooooooooh, I am so much in love with that banana print! I ordered it at LuckyShop but it was sold out by the time our mailing issues were solved 😦
    The perfect Groove dress!


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