Now it’s ok to wear your dress inside out


Back to front, inside out, heads through armholes, dresses as skirts, tops with no trousers, tights instead of leggings. Yep, this is what happens when my husband ‘helps’ to get our 5 year old dressed. But Marte at Compagnie M has designed a dress with my husband in mind. Thank you Marte for making it ok to wear your clothes inside out.


The Frederique dress is a new pattern from Compagnie M, an A-line wrap dress with lots of options. I made the no sleeve, reversible version, purely to make my husband’s life easier.

I also knew that Scout would be chuffed with a dress that she can take from day to night.


From catching butterflies


to catching stars. Without going home to get changed.


For Scouts daytime look I used Makower Stitch Check, a medium weight cotton that I bought from the London Textile Fair a couple of years ago. It was similar to a fabric that I had on my Pinterest board, so I was over the moon to have found it.


For Scouts night time look I used some Paul Smith cabbage, a constellation print cotton lawn that Toya kindly gave me. Toya made a reversible tunic for her daughter out of the same fabric. Paul Smith made a shirt.


What I also like about this version of the Frederique Dress is that it can cross over seasons by simply wearing a long sleeve t-shirt underneath. So Scout doesn’t have to wait until the summer to wear her new dress, she can wear it now.


I think I achieved what I wanted to achieve, two very different looks in one dress. Or at least a dress suitable for visiting grandma, staying for an impromptu sleepover and having something to wear in the next day.

Frederique day 4_NeedleandTed.jpg

Compagnie M dresses are charming and irresistible. They demand beautiful fabric (and piping). If you’ve fallen for the Frederique Dress head on over to Compagnie M to purchase your pattern.


11 thoughts on “Now it’s ok to wear your dress inside out

  1. What a great pattern! I can see it in a tunic length too……over a pair of leggings. One dress and one top gives you four different looks. Scout looks very grown up in these pictures….make her stop! Lol! I will miss that little girl.


  2. What a great dress we could all do with one of these to wear at work during the day and they turn it round and out you go for the evening. There is also a touch of the 50s that I like about it. Great choice of fabrics.


    • Thank you, I’m glad I helped change your mind. It was a difficult decision choosing which version to make. After seeing all the amazing versions everyone else made (including you), I realise that they can all be equally as lovely.


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