Sewing Happiness. Win the book.

Twas the week before Christmas, and we left the house

One person home and that was my spouse…

Yep, we left him all alone and he sure was pleased with a bit peace and quiet for a few hours. We (Darcy, Scout and I) were off on a ‘Make Day’ at my sister’s house and with us we took:

  • a pile of fabric
  • an insane amount of zips
  • my Bernina sewing machine
  • a book


A book? What book? I hear you ask. Well, it was Sewing Happiness, I tell you, by Sanae Ishida, a fellow blogger who sews, illustrates, photographs and writes. She is uber talented and she invited me on her 2017 Winter Tour. And I’ll have you know, I was extremely honoured to have been asked.

Sewing Happiness is a beautiful book to behold, a collection of very simple sewing projects divided into seasonal categories. And you too could get your hands on your very own signed copy. Read on my friends…

I spend a lot of time making clothes for me and my girls on my own, in my room, whilst everyone is sleeping. It’s a pretty solitary affair. So it’s extra special to have a social sewing day with my 2 favourite girls and my sister. We were all excited about making gifts for Christmas and Sewing Happiness was the perfect inspiration.

This is what happened…


I made 2 Dopp kits.


For my father-in-law from me


For my brother-in-law from me

For my father-in-law and my brother-in-law.


I made a zip pouch for 2 of my sister-in-laws.


And my husband’s, brother’s fiancé.


From me to my sister

And one for my sister (but I didn’t let her know).


From my sister to me


From my sister to me


From my sister to me

My sister made 2 zip pouches for me (but she didn’t let me know).


From Darcy to Scout

Darcy made 4 zip pouches for her friends, one for each grandma and one for Scout (but she didn’t let Scout know).


From Scout to Scout

Scout made a zip pouch for herself, she wasn’t giving hers away, no chance (what do you expect from a 5 year old?).

We had a wonderful and very productive afternoon making gifts for family and friends. We really were ‘sewing happiness’. And on Christmas day when we opened our presents, we laughed whole heartedly when we realised we all had the same idea and we had been making the same gift for each other.

Sewing Happiness for you

Sanae is generously letting me give away a signed copy of her stunning book to one of you guys, as well as a €45 gift voucher from 1000 Stoff. Leave a comment below telling me about your happiest sewing moment and I will pick a random winner at the end of the tour. Good luck.


And you MUST check out what the others made for the tour, I’m sure you’ll be suitably impressed…

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Thank you Sanae for having me on your 2017 Winter Tour.

62 thoughts on “Sewing Happiness. Win the book.

  1. Love those pouches! My happiest sewing moment(s) when my girls actually wear or play with the items I made! Sewing just makes me happy in general, but for them to get excited over it too, that’s My Happy!

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  2. Love all your gifts! So sober and sophisticated! Girls well done! This year, I also made DImYselF gifts: a cushion for each of my daughters, a fake collar for my mother-in-law, a wallet for my mother and a tobacco pouch for my companion. I love making gifts. It was funny because this year my daughters wanted to make their own handmade gift too, so our home was really like Santa’s home! 🙂


  3. My most happy sewing related moment: I went to a sewing introduction workshop a friend of mine was giving. She has a sewing machine store and this was the time before I had one. I spent a most wonderful morning learning all the bits and tricks of a machine, until I told her I’d like to buy one for me. “Oh”, she said. “Do you really?” Yes, can I bring it with me right now? I want one jut like the one I worked on today. It will be my birthday present, you see. “Oh”, she carried on, “why don’t you come here next week then? I’ll have one wrapped up for you”. No, I really want to take one now. “Well, but do come by other day, please”. Awkward silence. Ok, I said, and got home. I said to my partner, “sooo, I bought a sewing machine…” “WHAT??? What have you done??” “It’s my birthday present! And I promise I’ll keep everything tidy! And it’s my birthday!!!” And then he said:”but I have already bought you a machine! It’s all arranged with our friend!”
    Best present ever. 🙂


  4. I absolutely love all of the gifts that you guys created. Most of all, you were able to spend quality time with one another. My happiest moments sewing is knowing that my daughter is wearing those items and that they will be passed down to someone else.


  5. My happiest sewing moment was when my niece opened her gift last Christmas, a jacket sewed by me and wore it all 5 days of vacation with a big smile!


  6. I think my favorite sewing moments are when I have finished making something for my three year-old daughter. Her eyes light up with wonder as she asks, “For me?!?” There is no better reward than that.


  7. My happiest sewing moments come when my grandchildren open their grammie-made gift and hug it tightly and when their mama sends me a photo of them wearing or using what I made.

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  8. I have the happiest sewing moments with my sewing pals. We gather together and sew up various charity items for local charities and for charities abroad. The moment we gather all the completed
    items and sort them, to be shipped or distributed are met with smiles and blessings for the recipients.

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  9. My happiest sewing moment was quite recently. I decided to have a go at quilting as I figured I could fit even the tiniest bit of sewing into the busiest of days if all I needed to do was cut squares and sew them together. I enjoy taking myself simple clothing but it takes precision and that requires being alert and awake, rare of late due to work. So, I made a couple of small quilts for my elderly parents, expecting them to be gone by next visit. I was so happy to see them in use when I visited at the weekend and they both thought I’d brought them rather than made them – I work in IT, ride a motorbike and dress as a Star Wars character (charity thing) so sewing something bright and colourful wasn’t something they associated with me 🙂


  10. The happiest sewing moment was sewing with my grandmother! She passed away a few years ago. She learned me how to sew! I still miss her but I know she is watching me sewing each time I do 🙂


  11. You all made pretty cool gifts! My happiest sewing moment? Actually I love the whole proces, even when things don’t turn out as I had planned. Sewing is my way to relax and have some “me time” (preferably with a glass of wine next to me, and yes I sew in the evening, no need to be alarmed 😉 and after an evening of being creative, the boys are excited in the morning about their new stuff… win-win situation!

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  12. This is a difficult question to narrow down an answer to. My happiest sewing moment was making a backpack that I made years ago. I still get compliments on it. Your gifts look great! Lucky recipients.


  13. The happiest sewing moments I have is when I do not use the un-picker. Presents are super cool and there definitely looks like there was sewing happiness going on. I love the colours that you used (esp the zips) and the triangles give it that pow.


  14. My happiest sewing moment was making my son’s shoe bag and floor pillow for his Japanese preschool. I felt just like all the cool Japanese moms and even read the instructions in Japanese!

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  15. That’s a lot of lovely presents you made!
    My happiest sewing moments are the ones when I’m able to make someone happy with something I made. My daughter is always happy to receive a new dress, and when my mom is clearly genuinely happy with a purse I made her, it makes me happy too.


    • Congratulations Miet. You were randomly chosen as the winner of the Sew Happiness Winter Tour Giveaway. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I shall pass your email address onto Sanae and she shall be in touch soon.

      Olu 🙂


  16. That almost sounds like a scene from a classic children’s novel – I love it! Hand-made presents truly are the best.

    My happiest sewing moments aren’t actually when I’m sewing – they’re when I meet fellow sewers or have an opportunity to encourage a would-be sewer to give it a chance. I’m rubbish at small talk (which I’ve discovered is a classic introvert thing), so it’s a huge help to be able to bypass awkward conversations when I discover I have a shared interest with someone else. I’ve never met a mean sewer! Everyone is so willing to talk about what they make and to share their knowledge.


  17. Sewing moments are mostly happy moments.
    It made my heart sing when my one year old saw her jacket and said ‘waow’ (she doesn’t say any other word yet).
    Or when you have the guts to wear your own garnments to go to work, and they ask “Where did you buy that?”.
    Or when you can just unite with other hobby seamstresses.
    Well, for this time, I’ll go with the waow 🙂


  18. Your posts always make me smile! My happiest sewing moment… I am probably happiest when I manage to cut all my pattern pieces from an officially too small scrap, and I have no leftovers (smaller than my hand)


  19. My happiest sewing moment was finishing a dress from a pattern I thought I’d never get my head around. It was a real ‘look how far I’ve come’ moment and I wore it for my graduation day, so a huge sense of achievement all round that day. Every time I wear it now I feel doubley proud of myself for taking on challenges that scare me to death (whether that’s moving to a new city on a whim to quit my job and study…or just cutting out a pattern with an insane amount of pleats and visible seams that HAVE to be just right!)

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  20. It’ so nice and distressing to create something with your own hands. and you always learn so much…
    Thanks for the giveaway and the lovely projects on the tour!

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  21. That must have been such a treat, creating together! Love all of your makes! My happiest sewing moments are when I hit a sewing flow and get completely absorbed. But also when things come together miraculously: seams matching perfectly unintentionally, running out of bobbin thread after finishing a seam. And of course seeing the end result in real life 🙂


  22. Wow, those pouches are fabulous, especially those with the triangles on it! Must give that idea a try 😉 Zipper pouches are still my go-to-gift, you can never have enough of them and perfect for scrapbusting. Didn’t you have fun when all those zipper pouches got unpacked at Christmas?!


  23. Very cute pouches and story. I think my favourite sewing moment is happening now as I have just finished a top made from sad, old clothes and remnants. I am so proud of it as it is totally mine. I didn’t use a pattern (I sort of made one myself…vaguely) and the remnants were odd shapes and not always easy to work with but I really love the result. I only started sewing six months ago and I think this is possibly the most me like thing I have made.

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  24. wow! You guys really had fun together.

    I am really trying to think of my happiest moment. I would say most gratifying is when my mom told me that I was more talented than her and she was who taught me. It felt like the best compliment in the world.

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  25. That’s hilarious! I love that you all sewed things for each other (except for the five-year-old!). It’s too hard to pick a happiest sewing moment, but I love it when my daughter proudly shows people her clothes and says “MY MUM MADE THIS!”.

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  26. One of the happiest sewing moments was when I finished the first garment that didn’t look “homemade”. When I started, I really wanted to make clothes for everyday wear and the first couple pieces were just badly finished. I didn’t want to leave the house in them. When I realized I’m getting better, this was very empowering 🙂

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  27. Thank you all for taking time to read and comment on my Sewing Happiness Blog Tour post. I really enjoyed reading all your happy sewing moments. The winner of the Giveaway was randomly chosen as comment number 23 (Miet). Sorry to everyone else but please keep reading my posts, there will be more giveaways in the future.



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