My 2017 Fashion Resolution

If you had looked in my wardrobe last year and looked again this year, you would notice a big difference. It’s half full, or half empty (depending on how optimistic you are). “Why?” I hear you say, “Did the fashion police confiscate your harem pants?”

Well, not quite, it’s because I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the Japanese art of decluttering and organising. I then embarked upon a mammoth chucking out-throwing away-keeping only if it sparks joy-event with my shoes and clothes, and I ended up getting rid of 8 bags of clobber, yes 8. And when I say bags I’m talking about the big black bin liner size. Oh yes, I was ruthless and it felt cathartic.


It has been a month since I threw out half my clothes and guess what. I wake up nearly every morning thinking “Oh no, I didn’t throw that out did I?” But at least my wardrobe is tidy and uncluttered.

Having half the amount of clothes that I had last year, I’m left with thoughts of what to wear with what I have left. And what items are going to fill the big space that I have created.


2017 is my time to put order to my shopping and sewing. Only buy/make things that I know I can wear with the things that I already have. Stop wasting time and money on clothes that look good with nothing that I own.

My Story jacket was made 2 years ago, I’m very pleased with it but I’ve worn it only twice. It doesn’t seem to fit into any season. It’s a spring style with a winter fabric (oopsie!) and it just doesn’t look right with many of my clothes.


As I look in my freshly decluttered wardrobe, I see 90% monochrome. Lots of  people tell me that I should wear colour more often, it suits me, but I actually prefer and feel more comfortable in black, grey or white, occasionally yellow and sometimes blue. For me, black is always the new black, apart from when it’s grey.


Superga shoes. They come in every colour. I have 3 pairs.

But every once in a while I surprise myself and buy something completely unexpected like PINK SHOES!!!!!!! I really don’t know what I’m going to wear with these. Pink and light grey go fabulously together.


Dr Martens leather backpack, a Christmas present form my husband. Adidas Superstar slip-on trainers, my current faves. Extra long chunky knit scarf from Forever 21, in the sale – result!

Feeling sexy in a pair of heels has never been my thing, I don’t want to be glamourous.
My shoe collection will be dominated with trainers this year, absolutely-no-heels-at-all-whatsoever, I’ve thrown them all out, every single pair. Besides, I like the way trainers dress down a dressed up look. I can wear a little black dress without looking like I’m going to a party. And even more importantly trainers are the perfect footwear for someone who is always late.


I also see that 15% of my clothes are handmade, something I really want to change. 50% + is where I would like to be, because the clothes that I make for myself bring me an immense amount of joy.


Hyde Park hoodie, Peek a Boo Pattern Shop. January project.

I need to make better choices about what I sew and the fabrics I use. And I hope to sew one item of clothing for myself each month #projectsewit


My style

A few days ago Bonobos got in touch, the menswear brand that pride themselves on a great fit for every body type, with a focus on men’s pants. They wanted to know my Fashion Resolutions for 2017 and how I would like to perfect my personal sense of style this year.

So I’ve been thinking about what my style says about me and what I want it to say about me.

Drape drape blouse_1

I organically come up with a style of my own because my body shape did not fit with what’s on-trend. When I was younger I longed to wear low rise skinny jeans but bum cleavage is not a good look. Short denim skirts would look great at the front but jut out at a weird pointy angle at the back where it would not sit comfortably over my butt.

Trousers would be tight in the thighs and gape massively at the back of the waist. And let’s not talk about the scar my school uniform has left as I lived my youth in a brown (I hate brown) skirt that appeared long at the front and short at the back due to my non pancake butt. I’m now wondering if this is why I love a high low style so much (long at the back, short at the front), compensating for my awkward school years image.

Navy drape dress4_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

I’ve had to work out what fits my shape first, then what suits me and use that to develop a style that I’m comfortable with and makes me feel confident.

Confidence is key and if I feel it, I can ‘own it’.


Image courtesy of AryaSense. I’m in love with the dressthe boots, the whole brand.

High drama is what I’ll be focussing on in 2017. I don’t mean flamboyant or eccentric, far from it and I’m sticking to my beloved monochrome. What I mean is clothes that have exaggerated detail. Severe high low hem lines. Drapes, I’m obsessed with drapes and I have a big love for clothes that are slightly irregular.



I’m all about mixing the rough with the smooth in an effort to be anti glamourous. Combining clothes that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to wear together. Something smart with something casual, something tailored with something distressed and layering to the point that you can’t work out where one garment ends and the other begins.


And I have a soft spot for clothes that make a timeless and classic style statement. Like my Burda Style Crossover Coat made with cabbage* from the Royal Airforce uniform.

What are your Fashion Resolutions for 2017? I’d love to hear.



*Cabbage is a terminology not used by many people today, it’s fabric that you might find on a market stall for example or your local fabric shop. Left over stock from a factory that they didn’t use up, or from over ordering. You can get some great quality fabric this way, used by high end fashion brands. You may have seen some Paul Smith constellation cabbage being used by the sewing community on Instagram.

21 thoughts on “My 2017 Fashion Resolution

  1. this was a really good read! i just feel the urge to start cleaning out my closet and make a plan what i should sew! i did not buy clothes for myself like forever, selfmade stuff brings so much more joy as you said! and yay for flat comfortable shoes, they go with everything and make my dresses look good and more casual for everyday style. looking forward to the makes which going to fill the gap in your closet!


    • Thank you Nina. It actually feels really good to have a clear out. But it only seems to make a visual difference if you can be really ruthless.

      I’ve never been a fan of heels, mainly because I never learnt to walk in them. Shhh!! don’t tell anyone.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love to see your new creations for this year. One peace a month I think I will not manage, but I ‘m also going to think more of making clothes that I will wear and fit into my (already tidied cabinet; ) wardrobe.


  3. A very interesting and really inspiring read, you have made me want to re evaluate my wardrobe, think about what I like and what I want to look like and to make more clothes for myself, that coat at the end OMG I need that pattern!!


    • Thank you so much Anna. You TOTALLY should be making clothes for yourself and I know some great patterns to start the ball rolling 😉 As for the coat pattern, the end result is a delight but getting there was not 😦


  4. Loved reading your post Olu! I can’t wait to see what you are sewing this year and what your new wardrobe will look like in 12 months. It looks like it will be super exiting!
    I’ve bought the same book last year when I was in London with you. Though I loved reading it, I haven’t yet had the courage to start putting all I’ve learned into practice. I need to do it fast! So I can find an excuse to sew more for my self…


    • Oh thank you Marta. I had no idea you bought that book when you were in London. Was I with you at the time? Ha ha, I think it had the same effect on me, having a clear out to make space for MORE lol!!! I’ll never live the Marie Kondo way 😉


  5. Yes to all of this! A big part of sewing our own clothes is being honest about what we’re actually going to wear. In my case, this means I have a whole bunch of dresses in prints I love – which I wear at work or when I’m spending time with my friends – but I don’t have a lot of items for when I’m just puttering about at home. This is something I’m going to change this year so I love it when I read about other sewers who are planning to do the same thing. Hopefully we’ll both end the year with a much more useful wardrobe of clothes!


    • Hi Katie, I’m the same, I rarely make clothes for the puttering around part of my life. I suppose they are not as fun, but may actually get worn more often.
      I look forward to seeing your puttering around clothes this year.


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