It’s hard to not like something that’s amazing


Hello and Happy New Year to you all. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I officially started Needle and Ted. Time to reflect (briefly).

I’ve come a long way since my first pair of harem pants. I was a beginner back then and I can’t quite work out what, how or when my knowledge and skills advanced me to the next level. But at the end of last year I made these dungarees. Spot the difference.

And my fabric choices are now a lot more considered. Ikea is no longer the first place I look if I’m making a dress. Yes, I used to make dresses from Ikea upholstery fabric as standard, and I thought the word ‘drape’ just referred to curtains.


Now my fabric choices are just as important as the patterns I use. Ultimately, when I make clothes, I want just one thing. For them to be worn. And for that to happen they need to be comfortable and they need to be loved (or liked a lot).


Making clothes that Darcy will enjoy wearing is no easy task. She’s 9 and has strong opinions about her clothes. She may not always be able to express or visualise exactly what she likes but she will absolutely not hold back on telling me what she doesn’t like.


Her favourite dress is the Groove Dress, she has 5 of them and few months ago whilst wearing her Groove Dress, she put her hands to her waist and said “Mummy can you make me a dress like this next time?”. That simple gesture said to me “I want a skater dress”, I showed her some pictures of skater dresses and her eyes lit up. “Yes,” she said. “That’s what I want.”


So I asked Anna to make me a classic skater dress pattern, with a full circle skirt (she’s good like that). And all that was left was to find the perfect fabric.


Instagram is an excellent source of inspiration for fabric that will have you drooling at the mouth. But alas, most of the fabric shops are abroad with shipping fees that will make your eyes water.

However, last year I come across Mauds Fabric Finds at The Handmade Fair. And she was selling the very same fabrics I had seen on Instagram that I was drooling over. I think at that very moment, my heart skipped a beat.



So no prizes for guessing where I got this amazing Splash, organic cotton jersey from. A beautiful dark dusty blue, with splashes of glittery gold printed all over it. It really is something special and choosing the right fabric really does make a world of difference.


I think the silhouette looks amazing on Darcy.

Does she love her dress? Tick.

Is it comfortable? Tick.

Will she wear it often? Tick

My job is done.


And some exciting news for Needle and Ted, I’m thrilled tell you that I will be using fabric from Maud’s Fabric Finds on a regular basis. My blogging buddy and real life friend Toya and I have teamed up with Maud’s Fabric Finds and we will be sewing something delightful with fabric from Maud’s every month (alternating).

This month we both made something, we were too excited not to. Go check out the gorgeous PJs Toya sewed for her girls.

Next month, it’s probably about time I made myself a Groove Dress don’t you think? What fabric would you choose?


I’m not sure who loves this dress more, me or Darcy. Scout wasn’t impressed that I didn’t make one for her too.


Maybe it should become a Madeit Pattern. What do you think?



19 thoughts on “It’s hard to not like something that’s amazing

  1. Wow what a difference 3 years make. You have improved so much and if possible the girls have got cuter. The dress is great and the material looovely. Had a quick peak at Toya’s PJ’s who wouldn’t love both the style and fabric of those. I especially love the girls with a patterned top plain bottoms and a hint of orange. Here is to the next 3 years of sewing.


  2. Once again you hit it out of the park! Please tell Scout she is the coolest girl I’ve ever seen and love her style. Don’t even get me started on her hair! Perfection!


  3. Ofcourse this should be a Madeit Pattern, silly you! I love it, and though I’m not a fan of blue, that fabric is gorgeous! I’ll be showing this to my two teens, see if they’d like one of their own…


  4. Can’t believe it was only three years ago! Your skills are amazing!
    This dress should, definitely, become a pattern and I agree with you about Maud’s Fabric Finds, they have a wonderful selection.


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