Madeit fashion Week 2016: Round up



The monochromatic look featured heavily in Madeit Fashion Week 2016, but there was no shortage of bold and colourful too.

Madeit Patterns Drop Dress and Top has been a hit around the globe, a big thank you to all our customers and special thanks goes to everybody who took part. You ladies ‘Rock the Drop’ and through your ideas, creativity and talent, you inspired and continue to inspire many.

Madeit Fashion Week could not have happened without you. Thank you Maartje, Kristi, FleurineAnna, UteEvaDiana, Toya, Hanna EmilyInes, Catherine, MillaEmi, Sanae, Nina and Marta. And our generous sponsor Luckyshop0228.

Now for our final round up. Grab a cup of coffee or a Brussel sprout if you’re Milla, sit back and enjoy….


[Press PLAY]

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