Madeit Fashion Week 2016

Welcome to Day 5 of Madeit Fashion Week

Sadly this is the our last day of shows for 2016, but there will be a dramatic round-up on Monday, so please drop by.

Thank you so much for tuning in on Day 1Day 2,  Day 3, and Day 4, I hope you have enjoyed the shows even half as much as I have. Everyone finally got to present their interpretation of Drop and it has been a privilege to see.

But it’s not over yet, so grab a drink and enjoy todays sensational shows. Which incidentally and unintentionally all have a monochrome theme going on.

DJ, drop the beat!


Sanae droptop9

First up we have Sanae pronounced (sun–eye), a beautiful name don’t you think?  She’s the author of Sewing Happiness and Little Kunoichi, the ninja girl.

Sanae likes books (of course), pretty coffee shops (+ the coffee) and kindness. She dislikes
stress, mayonnaise and basements.

Sanae made two Drop Tops, both grey, a girl after my own heart. Go check them out.



This is Emi from Just Add FabricEmi likes the sound of the water, the smell of freshly cut lawn and test match cricket. Yawn! (Oh sorry did I say that out loud?). She dislikes wearing socks, heights and star anise.

She also made two Drop Tops. Both grey. Carrying on today’s unintentional monochrome theme. Want to see? 



Introducing Nina of Fliegfederfrei. Nina likes touching every single piece of fabric in a store, eating sweets while her girls aren’t watching and dreaming big. She doesn’t like intolerance, people speaking without having something to say and freezing.

I’m not entirely sure if she means being cold or the mannaquin challenge.

Nina is quite literally flying in her Drop Dress, she also made two. Her other one is grey believe it or not. Go see if her feet eventually touch the ground.



And lastly today we have Marta of Do Guincho. Marta likes her vintage Pfaff sewing machine, living by the sea (she’s a little obsessed with surfing), walking and talking. She talks a lot, I can vouch for that.

She dislikes milk and cream, staying at home on weekends and applying moisturising lotion.

Go check her out in her Drop Dress & Top before I steal it from her. That grey rib is my kind of fabric.

So, sadly we come to the end of Madeit Fashion Week 2016, it’s been a blast. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who took part in the shows, it means so much to me and Anna. Everyone who purchased our pattern, we really hope you enjoy making and wearing your Drop Dress & Top. Please send us pictures or tag us on Instagram and use #dropdressandtop. And a big thank you to everyone who dropped by here to see each amazing show.


If you’re tempted to make a Drop Dress or Top for yourself, today is the last day to receive 20% off the pattern using code MFW2016.



But don’t leave just yet, the Daily Giveaway is too good to miss. If you are the second person who purchases Drop today (as from 2pm GMT), 2 yards of fabric from our sponsor Luckyshop0228 will be yours. Quick, off your go, it may well be you*.


*The winner will be contacted via email at the end of the week.


Comments make me happy :-)

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