Madeit Fashion Week 2016 : Day 4


Welcome to Day 4 of Madeit Fashion Week

You can still catch Day 1Day 2 and Day 3 if you missed it. Firstly, I must make a big apology about yesterday’s music choice. If you can call it music. Chosen because Honey G had recently ‘dropped’ from the X Factor. But alas, some of you were offended so please accept my apologies as I bow my head in shame.

OK, today, we have 3 shows brimming with creativity and inspiration for Madeit Patterns Drop Dress & Top. If you’re not excited already, you will be. Ines, Catherine and Milla have hit the ball out of the park.

Don’t believe me, just watch




Meet Ines of La Folie Sewing Booth, she likes singing, the smell of fresh paint (hmmm! would that be considered a fetish?) and French fries. She doesn’t like speedy drivers, being cold and ironing.

Hot Damn! Ines is smokin’ in her Drop Dress, want to see more?



Meet Catherine of Mily Designs. Catherine likes coffee, wine (red, white or pink) and sewing. She doesn’t like getting up in the morning, people that can’t use roundabouts and putting on winged eyeliner (she likes wearing it, just doesn’t like putting it on).

I’m loving Catherine’s quirky, arty image and her beautiful dog. Go see more.



Meet Milla, a Madeit Pattern tester for DROP. Milla likes jumping in puddles when it rains (the rain is somehow essential), creating kooky, fashionable, stylish jewellery and clothes whilst eating Brussels sprouts! She just looooooves them!

Ooooookay! moving swiftly on….

Milla dislikes picky eaters, bubblegum stuck to her hair and hat hair.

As you can probably tell, Milla is a very colourful character.

Want to see more of her quirkiness?


That’s it for Day 4 of Madeit Fashion Week, thank you for coming and I hope you have been inspired enough to make a Drop Dress or Top for yourself.

Daily Giveaway

In our Daily Giveaway today you can win* a free DROP pattern by being the 8th person to leave a comment on Ines or Catherine’s Drop blog post.

You may only comment once. Good luck.


And don’t forget you can get 20% off DROP all week long by using code MFW2016.


Be sure to come back tomorrow for the last day of Madeit Fashion Week to see Emi, Sanae, Nina and Marta’s interpretation of DROP. A show not to be missed,so don’t miss it. See you there.



Madeit Fashion Week is sponsored by Luckyshop0228. Specialising in modern and Scandinavian style fabric.

*The winner will be contacted via email at the end of the week.


One thought on “Madeit Fashion Week 2016 : Day 4

  1. Loving the drops today. Ines without leggings, good idea, Catherine giving it the winter feel (love the picture by the way; dog, fire place, fierce look – totally rocking it), Milla the neon look giving us the drop dress in colour. Inspired!


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