Madeit Fashion Week 2016: Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of Madeit Fashion Week

I hope you didn’t miss Day 1 or Day 2, there’s been a buzz of excitement in the air as Day 3 gets underway. So far every Madeit Fashion Week participant has brought the Drop Dress & Top to life with an understated elegance, which sums up what DROP is all about. Today Diana, Toya, Emily and Hanna let casual sophistication shine through with impressive results. 

Be sure to stick around to the end for the Daily Giveaway.

DJ, drop the bass



First up today we have Diana. Diana likes: dark chocolate, sitting outside in the sun and Lego. However she dislikes: short and dark winter days, waking up early on weekends and tantrums.

Don’t worry Diana, there is a cure for tantrums. Try a fragrance blend of strawberries, bananas and spice. Proven to work in 5 seconds.

Take a closer look at Diana’s DROP.



Next we have Toya. Toya likes sunshine, long walks and stationery. Dislikes tidying but also mess and form filling.

Ahh! I have a sister and a daughter who both LOVE stationery. When they go shopping together I have to ban them from Paperchase, Tiger and Muji. I counted Darcy’s ruler ‘collection’ the other day, she has 17 (at the moment). If I were to count her pens I’d still be counting till next Wednesday.

If you’re a  big fan of stationery too, you must check out Present and Correct, a beautiful mix of new and vintage items that will make you smile.

But even better is Toya’s Drop Top, go check her out NOW.



Give a warm welcome to Emily. Emily likes: chocolate, shortbread, and naps. Dislikes: laundry, snuggling while sleeping, and pumpkin pie.

Emily was asked to ‘Drop it like she’s hot’ but clearly she must be freezing. Emily has made a Drop Top for 2, proving that the Drop Dress & Top works even for a little pea in the pod. Go take a closer look. But if she’s not there yet, be patient, she might be in the bathroom (or taking a nap).



Last but by no means least, catch Hanna owning it over at Punatukka ja Kaksi Karhua

Hanna likes To-Do lists, chocolate and lazy mornings. She doesn’t like coffee or tea, being in aeroplanes and mushrooms.

So you won’t like this then Hanna 😉

Go check out Hanna looking drop dead gorgeous in her Drop Dress.


That’s it for Day 3 of Madeit Fashion Week, thank you for coming and I hope you have been inspired to make a Drop Dress or Top for yourself.

Buy One get One Free


In our Daily Giveaway today the second person* who purchases DROP will receive another Madeit Pattern of their choice absolutely free.


And you still get 20% off DROP all week long by using code MFW2016.

So what are you waiting for? Off you go.


Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 4 of Madeit Fashion Week, we have a hot line up of talent: Ines, Catherine, Milla and Hanna. You won’t want to miss it.

Madeit Fashion Week is sponsored by Luckyshop0228. Specialising in modern and Scandinavian style fabric.


*The winner will be contacted via email at the end of the week.

One thought on “Madeit Fashion Week 2016: Day 3

  1. hahahaha… While making the dress, I couldn’t get the Salt N Pepa’s song out of my head! I kept singing “drop it… drop it real good…” 😀
    Thanks for the lovely words and for that awesome tantrum cure. I have to try it!


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