Madeit Fashion Week 2016: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of Madeit Fashion Week 2016

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s shows, it was a real treat for me and Anna to see everyones interpretation of DROP. The standard at Madeit Fashion Week 2016 is high and the talented stars of the show sure know how to rock the Drop.

Be excited for today’s shows, they will not disappoint. Enjoy the music and marvel at the exceptional sewing, modelling and photography skills of the Anna, Ute and Eva. And be sure to stick around to the end for the Daily Giveaway.

Hit the musicplay-button



First up we have Anna from Blogless Anna. Anna likes: staying in her pjs all day, bright colours and fragrant roses. She dislikes: sniffing, cucumbers and changing the sheets.

I’m just glad there’s a comma after the sniffing.

Take a closer look at Anna’s short sleeve Drop Dress.



Now give a warm welcome to Ute, Ute likes rainy days, matcha latte and teaching Tai Chi. She doesn’t like grocery shopping, vacuuming her car and cooking just for herself.

I have identical dislikes to Ute, grocery shopping is so dull and it takes away from valuable sewing time. I have a solution though Gousto or Hello Fresh. But neither of them have sponsored Madeit Fashion Week so I’m not adding a link. Ha ha!!!



And lastly today we have Eva from By Eva Maria who made a Drop Dress for her teenage daughter. Eva likes walking in the grass barefoot, champagne (no wonder we’ve run out today, and we bought 2000 bottles) and wandering in cities she doesn’t know.

She doesn’t like the smell of buses (weird! do buses all have the same smell?), red cabbage and her own morning moodiness.

I spy a beautiful teenager in a stunning red Drop Dress go take a peak.


That’s it for Day 2 of Madeit Fashion Week, thank you for coming and I hope you have been inspired to make a Drop Dress or Top for yourself. If so, sashay on over to Madeit Patterns and use codeMFW2016 to get 20% off DROP.


And in our Daily Giveaway today you can win* a free DROP pattern by being the 8th person to leave a comment on Anna or Eva‘s Drop blog post.

Good luck.


Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 3 of Madeit Fashion Week, to see how drop dead gorgeous Diana, Toya, Hanna and Emily look in their Drop Dress & Top.

Madeit Fashion Week is sponsored by Luckyshop0228. Go and check out their modern and Scandinavian style fabric over on Etsy. I can vouch that the quality is top notch.


*The winner will be contacted via email at the end of the week.

Comments make me happy :-)

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