One in 5 people wear stripes


OK, I might have made that up but it may well be true. Just look around you next time you are in a crowd.

People love stripes, especially the classic black and white or blue and white.


This is the Longlihood sweatshirt I sewed for Darcy. A German pattern that has been translated to English by Annika of Naeh Connection, she now has a shop of patterns translated from German to English and visa versa.

I have sewn a German pattern before that was not translated and what a disaster that was. I didn’t know I was suppose to add seam allowance (oopsie!), you can read about my epic fail here.


Similarly, the Longlihood is another pattern that you have to add your own seam allowance, it’s a bit of a faff, but not difficult. I’m able to judge it by eye, but there is the clever 2 pencil trick that is good to know.


The Longlihood is a colour blocked hoodie, and if I had 3 beautifully contrasting sweatshirt fabrics in my stash, I would have used them. Sadly, I did not. However, I did have stripes!!!!


This double sided sweatshirting was bought from Crescent Trading, situated off Brick Lane in East London. Toya and I ended up buying the same fabric, it was a gem of a find. Toya used the other side of the fabric to make a Cocoon Dress for her daughter.

The fabric is delicious on your skin, the quality is amazing and it was very reasonably priced. I thoroughly recommend the shop if you are ever in the area. The guys who work there have more than 60 years of experience in textiles. Dressed to the nines and looking dapper in their well made suits. They are characters that very much epitomise the East End of London as it used to be. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they knew the Krays.


I do like a bit of colour blocking, but on this occasion instead of playing with colour, I wanted to play with stripes. To explore and manipulate them. Paying attention to where stripes and lines intersect.

There is so much fun to be had with stripes.

If you love stripes, check out my stripes (and spots) Pinterest board and have fun re-Pinning.



With her Longlihood sweatshirt, Darcy is wearing origami pants in navy Nosh Denim College. If you have never had the pleasure of trying this fabric before you are definitely missing out. I think it has to be one of my absolute favourite fabrics of all time.

I really love this look on Darcy. I don’t think she even knows how cool she is.

longlihood-3Longlihood hood_1.jpg

Stripes, it’s a wardrobe essential. Do you even know anyone who hasn’t got stripes in their wardrobe?

8 thoughts on “One in 5 people wear stripes

  1. Olu, I can’t even put into words how cool this whole outfit is. I think I must say that every time you post something you’ve made. I love it in the stripes, and now you’ve made me want to make one of these. Possibly even for myself, hahaha. Though I could never carry it off as well. Awesome job!!!

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