She Wears the Sarouel Pants



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She Wears the Pants

“A Japanese Sewing book that caters to more off beat styles” –  Uh huh, I’m listening.

“Clothes with strong, clean lines and casual sophistication” – Yep, I’m all about strong, clean lines.

“Polish and simplicity without the frills”  – Oh yes! you’ve got me. I’m in.

When fashion designer Yuko Takada came out with the book ‘She wears the Pants‘ she must have been thinking of me. 20 androgynous patterns with edgy urban style and I want to make all of them.

When I received a copy of She wears the Pants from Tuttle Publishing, in our London Sew Social sponsorship goodie bag, excitement bubbled inside me. What would I make first?

The Oval Coat, the Draped Cardigan, a Tippet…


I tossed a coin and made it land on pattern No. 8, the Sarrouel Trousers. Never in my life have I bought a pair of trousers that fit, my waist / hip / thigh ration is not average. And my ‘apple bottom’ (for want of a better way to describe my butt) is never catered for in ready-to-wear clothes. So I wasn’t expecting the Sarouel Trousers to fit ‘straight out of the tin’. I toyed with the idea of making a muslin first, but instead I called upon my inner sewing ninja and dived in, head first with my beloved blue and white fine striped cotton. The same as I’d used for this dress.

From the size chart it turned out that my waist was bigger than a L. But I refused to believe that (surely there must be some kind of mistake!!!!) and continued to fight the urge to make a muslin.

So off I went on my merry way, sewing all the weird irregular pattern pieces of my Sarrouel Trousers together. The instructions were good for the most part (written in English, oh yeah!), but some parts, like the pockets for example, I ignored the instructions because the result sounded unnecessarily messy.

Just before attaching the waistband, I tried them on. It was RIDICULOUS!!!!. It was as though a whole pattern piece was missing. How could I wear my Sarouel Trousers without exposing ALL OF MY KNICKERS?

Drastic action was needed.


So I went about and drafted a muslin for ‘the missing pattern piece’ ie a yoke, to cover up my exposed knickers. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF IT!!!!!!


Notice how the grain goes in a different direction on each pattern piece, making stripes the perfect fabric to show off this unique detail.

But it was absolutely necessary. And on me (but possibly no one else who has eve made them), it looks like it was meant to be. The missing piece of the jigsaw, that slotted nicely into place.


Incidentally, Marta made the same trousers, and she didn’t need the extra piece. And you will see that she also used a lighter fabric, which makes them drape better. My fabric was a lot heavier which made them stick out in all sorts of weird and wonderful directions, I like both effects.


Then I attached the waistband, which was actually too long (hurrah!), but it worked out good because I overlapped the waistband and added 2 snap fasteners (one exposed, one concealed), which I much prefer to the loop and button closure suggested.



And guess what. My Sarrouel Trousers fit perfectly. The best fit I’ve ever had. No gaping at the back, no falling down when I walk, no exposed knickers when I sit down. I could do the hokey cokey and my trousers would stay put. 


I’m more than pleased with my sarouel trousers. And the thing about drop crop pants is that they are sooooo comfortable.


WARNING: 8 moody shots to follow then you shall reach the end, thanks for indulging me.


A big thank you to Tuttle for giving everyone at London Sew Social their choice of Japanese Sewing Book. Want to see what the others made?

Marta has been sewing up a storm, making things from She Wears the Pants and Stylish Party Dresses and hosting our Tuttle blog tour. Thank you Marta.

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20 thoughts on “She Wears the Sarouel Pants

  1. Oh, I have my eyes on that Oval Coat too…especially because it’s barely visible in the book. I’m intrigued haha. Cool pants and I’m impressed with that extra piece that you added – way to solve the problem!


  2. Omg! They look amazing on you! As much as I love seeing your girls I’m glad to see some sewing for yourself. That said, wouldn’t Darcy look amazing in a pair of these?


    • Thank you so much Charlotte. There’s an endless amount of things I’d like to sew for myself and I’m actually always sewing something for me, but sometimes it takes a long time so I make clothes for my girls in between.

      And yes I think they would look AMAZING on Darcy, but I doubt she would agree.


  3. WOWSA you are super duper cool! Absolutely LOVE your style. Would love to see you make your way through this book. And what shoes you finished off the amazing outfit above with!


    • Awww! Thank you Cath. I was wearing grey Converse at the time, I must admit I tried on a few pairs of shoes before settling with the Converse 😉
      And I actually tried to get them in the shot but when I went back to look at all my images, every single one had cropped my feet out lol!


  4. OMG!!!!! You are a ROCK STAR and I love those trousers on you!! Seriously amazing. And I cannot wait for you to make all the patterns in that book. Because I think it really was written just for you 😉


  5. Girl, you look so so so cool in them! And I totally understand, I think my eldest has the same apple bottom, it’s a disaster finding pants or shorts for her.
    And btw: I dò love reading your long stories, they make me smile (even your moody pictures do 🙂 ) ❤


    • Thank you Eva, good job your daughter has a mum who can make clothes for her 😉 When I was young I just went around wearing trousers that looked awful on me.

      Ha ha, I’m no good at fake smiling when I’m all by myself in a room, moody is my natural look lol!!!


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