What age do children start having an opinion on what they wear?

balloon fold vest_gathered skirt1

It’s got to that point now where I can’t choose Darcy’s clothes for her any more. At all. She has to be involved in the making process all the way. From choosing the fabric, to choosing the pattern to choosing the detail, the length. EVERYTHING. It’s a pain because it takes longer. But in the long run at least I know she’ll wear what I make her. Well actually, not always. Arrrgggh! It’s not easy having a 9 year old with an opinion*.

Luckily, this little outfit turned out a success.

balloon fold vest_be inspired shorts3

The Shorts

balloon fold vest_be inspired shorts1balloon fold vest_be inspired shorts2_willow filter

For the shorts, I used a pattern from B*Inspired by Poppy (edition 6). The 50 page magazine includes 20 summer sewing patterns for girls, boys, teens and toys and as the name suggests, I was inspired.

The Vest

balloon fold vest1

balloon fold vest_racerback1_be inspired shorts

To match the shorts I made a racerback vest. Using the Balloon Fold Dress pattern. I simply took it in at the sides and cut the hem at an asymmetric angle to the desired length. Easy peasy.

The Skirt

balloon fold vest_gathered skirt4balloon fold vest_gathered skirt2

With the remainder of the fabric I made a quick gathered skirt with an exposed elastic waistband. Possibly the quickest skirt you could ever make. There’s a tutorial here, that uses pretty much the same method I did.

balloon fold vest_gathered skirt3a

Darcy was really pleased with her new outfit. And she happily wears it without any drama. Result!

But it’s the geometric print fabric from Girl Charlee that’s the hero in this cool monochrome look. Black Lattice on Off White Ponte De Roma.

Thank you Girl Charlee and Poppy for sponsoring London Sew Social. I’m happy, my daughter’s happy, it’s a win.

London Sew Social logo

Now pop on over to Groovy Baby and Mama and Made by Sara and DoGuincho to see what they have been making with their London Sew Social goodies. I think there may be a bit of a Girl Charlee theme going on.



*I wonder what age other children start having an opinion on what they wear?




13 thoughts on “What age do children start having an opinion on what they wear?

  1. My youngest is 5 . She is super bossy about what she wears! She’s happy to wear mamma made but fussy about fabrics and colours- no pink! I guess I should just hope she grows out of it, but I have a feeling I’m just going to have to start making only things that are isla approved. 😉


  2. I have an opinionated 9 year old. I thought I had it easy because boys don’t really care about what they wear, or so I thought… Couldn’t be more wrong! At least he lets me down gently… Anyway, as usual it looks flawless. Those geometric prints make my eyes go ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Love it all!


  3. I love her style! Just think, in no time Scout will be just as picky …..if not more so….about her clothes too!!! My nephew was two when he would only wear clothes that matched . He wouldn’t wear black socks with brown pants for example and refused to wear white socks ever.


    • Thank you Charlotte, yes I’m on borrowed time with Scout I’m sure.

      Ha ha, I used to be similar to your nephew. But I picked 2 colours to wear together and everything has to be either of those two colours. Like red and white for example. And even my earrings and shoes had to match. Lol!!!


  4. My big girlie started voicing her opinion at about 2 1/2. Perhaps it is a good thing the little one can’t talk yet hahaha The outfit turned out super cool. I agree, incorporating kids’ wishes takes longer, but is definitely a safer option.


  5. I can see your frustration, but man she has great taste!! My older daughter has started expressing an opinion lately, but luckily she will still wear most things I make, provided: 1) There is a twirly skirt involved, and 2) it is a dress. With a twirly skirt. Hahaha. So I guess I’ll be making just twirly dresses for the next year or so…


    • Thank you Emi. I wouldn’t take pictures on her ‘off’ days. The fashion faux pas might be too shocking for Needle & Ted lol!!! You might think my account had been hijacked.

      And if your daughter is anything like my daughter, she may change her mind tomorrow, or even after dinner, so don’t rest on your laurels about twirly skirts just yet.


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