I love it when someone tells me they like what my kids are wearing

Wiggle and Groove3_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

I feel proud and smug at the same time if it’s something I’ve made. It’s much more of a compliment than “Did you make that?”.

Last week whilst out with my girls a lady stopped us, “They look lovely, in their matching outfits” she said nodding towards my girls.

“Thank you” I replied, resisting the urge to splurt out ‘I made their clothes’.

I’m not like my mum, my mum looks about 20 years younger than she actually is. She always has done, well not before she was 40, that would be weird. But at any opportunity (or even when there isn’t an opportunity) she mentions her age. If fishing for compliments were an Olympic event, she’d win the gold medal.

Wiggle and Groove1a_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

“How did you manage to find something for both of them in the same fabric?” she asked.

This was my cue. It would have been rude not to mention at this point that I made their clothes.

“I made them” I said trying to sound a little coy.

“I bet you save loads of money like that” she said.

‘Now hold up, do their outfits look the Greggs sandwich of children’s clothes?’ I didn’t actually say that, that’s what I was thinking but I remained polite.

“This is superior quality Nosh fabric don’t you know?” I didn’t say that either. But I was wondering what ready-to-wear clothes my daughters clothes looked cheaper than.

Wiggle and Groove5_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

I did explain that I don’t make clothes to save money, that I am rebelling against fast fashion. I could quite easily buy a cheap dress for £4 but I prefer to make clothes that fit, that last, that we love and not worry about the how the people who make £4 dresses are treated.

And that I love sewing and I am totally addicted and sewing has now become a way of life for me.

And my long legged daughter can now wear trousers and leggings that reach her ankles and still fit around the waist. And she can choose to have silver leggings, if silver leggings take her fancy just because they feel a bit like her beloved swimming hats.

And my 4 year old can wear the same as her sister but still look her age and she can choose whatever sleeves she prefers and have pockets in everything if that how she likes it.

Wiggle and Groove6_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

Ok, so I didn’t say all that but you get the gist. And quite frankly I like to think that the clothes that I make (especially if I’m using Nosh fabric) is of a more superior quality than most of the clothes you get on the High Street.

Wiggle 7_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

Nosh collection AW16/17

Nosh have just bought out their AW16/17 collection and I’m convinced they are making fabric with just me in mind. I absolutely love this range. I ordered the blue PYRY Jersey, without even looking at the rest in the collection, as soon as I saw the sneak peek I was in love. Had I looked at the full collection first, I would have had a tough decision choosing. Just look at the MYRSKY Stretch College, Pastel Rose for example (all the heart eyes).

Wiggle and Groove2_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

Wiggle Jumpsuit

A while back I asked my partner Anna at Madeit Patterns to make me a pattern for an oversized harem jumpsuit for Scout. I described what I wanted and she sent the pattern over. It was a great fit first go. She’s pretty amazing like that.

Wiggle 2_Nosh fabric_Needle and TedWiggle 1_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

And we’ve decided to make the patten into a Madeit Pattern because we both totally love it. It’s practical, extra comfy and the perfect chuck-on-and-go piece.

Suitable for every season, just throw a long sleeve tee underneath for the cooler months or make it in a warmer fabric like MYRSKY Stretch College, Mocha.

Wiggle and Groove7_Nosh fabric_Needle and TedWiggle 6_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

We’re calling it the Wiggle Jumpsuit, but it has been through a lot of names so far so don’t be surprised if it ends up being called something entirely different. You wouldn’t believe how long it can take to name a pattern.

nosh spotty Wiggle2 by Needle and Ted

And you know what? Boys can rock a Wiggle Jumpsuit too. Imagine it in black Stretch College, sweatshirting, worn with DM boots. How cool would that be?

Wiggle 5_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

But the pattern isn’t quite ready for grading yet, we are going to refine it a little and make it more distinctive before we give it the Madeit Patterns seal of approval. So watch this space.

Wiggle and Groove4_Nosh fabric_Needle and TedGroove3_Nosh fabric spots_Needle and TedGroove_Nosh fabric spots_Needle and Ted

And of course I just had to make a Groove Dress too.

Groove2_Nosh fabric spots_Needle and Ted

This is the 15th Groove Dress I’ve made. I don’t think anyone stops at just one. Customers have reported that as soon as they finish their first one they start planning the next.

But it is no surprise as typically it takes less than 2 hours to make from cutting to hemming (and then taking pictures to show us of course).

Groove1_Nosh fabric spots_Needle and Ted

Have you joined the Groovement yet?




20 thoughts on “I love it when someone tells me they like what my kids are wearing

  1. hahahahaha! It feels so good to say:I made that!. You are so right, people think it is cheaper to make your own clothes, how wrong they are!. I love then jumpsuit, it is going to be an amazing pattern and of course the groove dress is lovely! I’m part of the grovement, I’m planing another one for me…hopefully before the weather starts to be miserable.


    • Thank you Maria. Grrrr! I was planning a summer Groove Dress for myself but just couldn’t decide or find the ‘the perfect fabric’. But now I’m just going to settle for a winter version and it’s inevitably just going to black.


  2. Your gals look absolutely fabulous. And I’ll just add the unsaid part to the “you must save a lot” comment: …because the look of these outfits put them in the high quality range, and those are wickedly expensive.
    Plus, how old was this lady? There was a time when you saved a lot by sewing yourself. Which is why I grew up in homemade clothes. If this lady doesn’t sew she’ll have no idea about fabric prizes. Sewing these days is for fun and fit and originality. You’ve got that!


    • You are so right, the lady was at least 70 years old and yes would have been around during the war when everyone made their own clothes because they had no other choice. Good point, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

      And thank you, yes, they would be high end but without a designer label so indeed a lot cheaper, another very good point.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I could have written the first part of this blog post (mine would have been in a non native crippled English, but with similar content), even including the beautiful looking mom! I nowadays lead with telling people how expensive those lovely biological knits are 😉 Both garments are very cool!


  4. So it has been you who stole the blue dots out of my shopping cart 😂
    Your girls look awesome!! And just to let you know… Same answers in my head lots of days – normal people just don’t understand…
    Greetings from Spain, Mara


  5. Great outfits, I love the material. I love a onesie/”Wiggle” myself. Sisters look good when they match. My sister is constantly buying the same or similar items to me and so we often look like we are wearing matching after all these years 😉


  6. I know some adults who would love a Wiggle Jumpsuit (holding hand up in the air) too so please think about it, PLEASE! I think I’m finally going to buy myself the Groove pattern….thinking it would make a great tunic to wear over leggings. The girls look fabulous, as usual, they are the chicest kids on the internet!


    • Awww! Thank you so much Charlotte. Ha ha, I’d wear the Wiggle too but I think we may be in the minority. Perhaps I could persuade Anna to make a pattern just for you, me and the other 10 really cool chicks out there like us lol!!!

      Oh you MUST make a Groove Dress. In fact, you won’t be able to make one, you’ll make loads they are very addictive. And YESSSS!!! a tunic version would be fab, I might have to make one like that for myself too 🙂


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