A rather strange obsession

dressage leggings7

My daughter has an insane obsession with swimming hats (yes swimming hats). She’s had a thing about them since she was 2. It’s the texture. “I like smooth things,” she says. Plastic pencil cases come a close second but swimming hats are her absolute favourite ‘smooth thing’. 

When she was 3 she wore a swimming hat constantly during our summer holiday, it was was 41 degrees the day we went to the market and she refused to take it off.

At four, unable to wear her swimming hat at school (it wasn’t the required uniform), she settled with carrying it in her schoolbag EVERYDAY.

By the age of five she was a good swimmer for her age, she progressed through classes quickly not because she was motivated and loved swimming, oh no, it was all about the swimming hat. Each time she got moved up a class, she got a new swimming hat, that was incentive enough for her, she wanted all-the-colours.

By the age of six she had quite a collection, her daddy would occasionally give her more swimming hats like he would give me jeans. When she wasn’t playing with her dolls, swimming hats were just as much fun.

Darcy is now 9 and her obsession with swimming hats is still going strong. So when I saw some matt silver ‘a bit like swimming hat’ fabric in the shop, I just had to get some. I had a feeling that Darcy was going to love it.

dressage leggings5

Nope, I didn’t make her a swimming hat, instead I made some Dressage Leggings, a pattern I got as part of London Sew Social sponsorship. We got to choose a pattern from UpCraft Club, and I choose the Dressage Leggings by Jennuine Design.

dressage leggings8

So I’ve made yoga pants not for yoga. Active wear not for working out. And now jodhpurs not for horse riding. I can see a pattern starting to emerge here. (Not a sewing pattern, ha ha.)

dressage leggings4dressage leggings1

Darcy would have been beside herself no matter what I made her. Had I cut out a rectangle and handed it to her she still would have been delighted, that’s how much she loved the fabric. Needless to say she was thrilled with her Dressage Leggings.

dressage leggings2dressage leggings6

She wanted a matching top too, but I had to draw the line, she was already starting to look a little like Metal Mickey. I must admit at first I wasn’t too sure about the leggings in metallic fabric, but I was impressed how Darcy styled them with her animal print Converse, boys t-shirt* and draped cardi*. I love seeing how she injects her personality into how she wears her clothes.

dressage leggings3

Now I’m thinking about what other things I could make out of the remaining silver ‘a bit like swimming hat’ fabric. A swimming bag perhaps? Any suggestions?

I’m not the only one who has been sewing up some London Sew Social UpCraft Club goodies, check out what Made by ToyaMy Cosy Co and By Eva Maria have been making.

Thank you UpCraft Club, I’m really pleased with my pattern choice, I think I’ll be making a few more Dressage Leggings in the future.


*T-shirt: bought years ago (hence a little on the small side) from River Island (boys section). Cardigan: I didn’t make it, it’s from H&M.


20 thoughts on “A rather strange obsession

    • Hi Charlotte. Thank you. The fabric was a little tricky to work with, mainly because it does not like pins. Also after the shoot I noticed 2 holes appear in the seams so I had to reinforced the seams with an extra row of stitching. I don’t think the leggings will be very hard wearing unfortunately. But we shall keep putting them to the test and see what happens.

      However, there are worse fabrics to work with, so far I have avoided all of them.


  1. Wow she styled this herself! I have an almost 9 year old that has no fashion sence (and that coming from the biggest fashion noob herself). Love the leggings and totally get that you saying she would have been happy with a triangle. My son just claimed a one meter coupon as a blanket and my daughter often cuddles a scrap.


    • Ha, ha, it’s great when it’s that simple. I might give my daughter a scrap to cuddle too. Yes, I was totally impressed with her style, however we do have some days where I don’t let her leave the house in what she is wearing. She’s always liked odd socks but at the moment she’s taken to wearing odd shoes. I’m just rolling with that one.


  2. Funny what kids obsess about… my older son likes to collect rocks and buttons. The leggings to look awesome and she styled them to perfection! It’s a really cool look!


  3. Oh man, I LOVE your posts! I’m always laughing from your witty writing and admiring your sewing at the same time. She is so cool that I feel not even worthy to be looking at pictures of her in her chic not-for-riding jodhpurs. Since you are obviously not going to make another swim hat, I’ll be interested to see what you do with the rest of the fabric. 😉


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