Like ice cream, (only warmer).

Cocoon dress_Nosh fabric1

When my delicious Stretch College Stripe arrived in the post from Nosh, Darcy made all the same sounds as I did after stroking it affectionately and holding it against her cheeks. (Come on, I know you do that too.) It reminded us of soft, smooth, sweet ice cream (only warmer).

Cocoon dress_Nosh fabric

I had just one dress in mind; the Cocoon Dress. Scout has one already, now one for Darcy. Darcy didn’t want the shoulder frills. ‘Say what!’ A Cocoon Dress without shoulder frills is like cake without icing. OK, just as lovely but a little less sweet. Fine!

What’s wrong with this picture?

Cocoon dress_Nosh fabric3

You don’t have to be very sharp-sighted to work out that this Cocoon Dress has shoulder frills. And if you are a regular at Needle and Ted, you will know this is not Darcy.


OK, let me explain. We had a little problem. For want of a better word, we’ll call it ‘Shouldergate’. And this little pic right here says it all. [insert sad face emoji and move swiftly on].*

After a quick chat with Anna (I contact her every time I have a problem), she confirmed that unpicking the sleeves and attempting to add ‘a feature’ may be worse than sticking pins in my eyes.

So to Plan C: Cut it up and make a smaller dress (for Scout). You could call it 2 dresses in one.

Cocoon dress_Nosh fabric4

This is where I thanked my lucky stars that:

  • I didn’t have twins (or they would likely be the same size)
  • There is a 4 year age gap between my girls (hence a 4 year dress size gap, hurrah!)
  • Both my girls are girls (boys don’t wear dresses – generally speaking)

And hey! At least now I can add shoulder frills. Turing Shouldergate into a happy ending [insert happy face emoji].

Cocoon dress_Nosh fabric2

Stretch College, Pastel Rose/ Black is one of my favourite Nosh fabrics so far. It is ridiculously soft and cosy. Pure luxury against your skin and a gorgeous shade of pink. You MUST check out the Groove Dress Inés made in the Taffy/Black. I have my eye on that colour too.

By the way, the rabbit mask, it’s pretty random. I hope you weren’t expecting an explanation.

But that’s not all

fabric close up

I also got some rather unusual black loopback sweatshirting. If I had more I would have made a cardigan for myself, but I only had enough for a small cardigan. Scout is small and needed a cardigan. Bingo!


So I went about my merry way and within a few hours a Fishtail Kimono was born.


I narrowed, lengthened and added a cuff to the sleeve. Wide sleeves always remind me of the time that I lost my fork during dinner, only to find it 10 minutes later up my sleeve. True fact.

Needle and Ted_fishtail kimono_3

I toiled with the idea of lengthening the the back to make it a bit more ‘fishtail’. Maybe next time.

Needle and Ted_fishtail kimono_2

Emi gave me the idea of adding a belt to hold it snuggly together.

Needle and Ted_fishtail kimono_1

I’ll make a loose belt, but I won’t do yet, that’s far too easy. What I’ll do is wait a few months until I forget where I put the of the fabric, hunt for it for ages, mess up my entire fabric stash until it’s a big mess on the floor and then I’ll do it. [Insert wink emoji followed by chuckle emoji].

The deal

Needle and Ted_fishtail kimono_4

In order to take pictures of Scout in her Fishtail Cardigan she came up with an idea, I had to do a 50 piece Shopkins jigsaw puzzle with her in exchange for 3 pictures. I agreed, but sneakily took a few extra hoping she wouldn’t realise. This was her face after realising I hadn’t stopped at 3. I’m loving it.

And if you’re interested, you can get the lowdown of what Scout is wearing under her cardigan here.

Have a nice weekend y’all.


*Next time I’ll add an inch to the shoulder width of size 10 and that should do the trick. Darcy shall go to the ball.

20 thoughts on “Like ice cream, (only warmer).

  1. You made me lol several times today and I thank you for that. I love that the girls have very specific tastes tho I’m sure it drives you insane! The bit about the belt… is soooo true! The cardigan looks perfect for Scout and that face, that perfect, angry, scrunched up face….love it!


  2. Great stuff again! Love the pink and black.

    Ofcourse I want to know everything. So trying to look at the long sleeved shirt you’ve first sewn, which is mentioned in the post with the yellow and white set, (still with me??), I found that I was asked to log in… Probably something wring there.


  3. You are so funny! Shouldergate… Couldn’t stop laughing. I made a top for the teenager with frills that were waaaaaay too big (‘Mum, you’ll make me fly away with those huge frilly things!!’) so I cut them half the size.
    Anayway, great additions to the girls’ wardrobes!


  4. Love the dress and I’m really happy you were able to save the project! We are so clever by having daughters with 4 year age difference aren’t we? I already found myself in a similar situation and was extremely happy to be able to fix things hehehe
    And the kimono!!! Love the sleeves so much, brilliant idea and I’ll probably copy that. ❤


  5. I love love love this post. Hilarious. I was laughing the whole way through — not at the turn of unfortunate events (which I am very glad led to a happy ending). Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I am in love with that beautiful Cocoon Dress and will be heading over to the Nosh website now… Right after I finish admiring the kimono, of course. You know I love it, too. And thank you for the shout out!! Made my day 🙂


    • Thank you Emi, you can’t go wrong with Nosh fabric, I might just be their biggest fan.

      And guess what, I still haven’t made the loose belt, but a great idea from you, I’ll be coming to you for inspiration more often 🙂


  6. I always love reading your posts…so funny! I adore the cocoon dress with frills, thank goodness for happy accidents! I love what you did with the sleeves on the kimono…you have my wheels turning!! Thank you so much for sharing your makes – nothing more could make me happier!!


    • Thank you so much, yes the cocoon dress turned out splendid in the end. Though my big girl is a little jealous.
      I’m really pleased with the sleeves on the kimono, after my disappearing fork incident I am very conscious of big sleeves 😉
      Thank you for sponsoring London Sew Social, it was a treat to sew your pattern.


  7. [love eyes], [thumb up], [something else affirming awesomeness]. The last pic is epic! I have done the same deal and broke it in the same manner more than once hahahaha I absolutely love the Fishtail as a jumper! oh, and I too like to feel fabric with my cheek 🙂


    • Ha ha Jenya, I’d risk it again too, good job camera’s are more silent these days.

      Thank you, I’m really pleased with the Fishtail Kimono, still haven’t made that belt though 😉

      Oh yes, feeling with your cheeks is a must. Though I find myself trying be discreet or having to explain when I do it in a fabric shop.


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