I’m the one…

I’m the one that still makes clothes for a daughter, who really doesn’t need any more clothes.

Mori_front_Needle and Ted

No matter how hard I try, clothes are unwilling to hang in a nice neat fashion in her wardrobe because they are competing for space. But just one more top won’t make much of a difference, will it?

Especially if it’s a cute Mori top. The Mori top (or dress) is a new pattern by Elegance and Elephants, and I just couldn’t resist making one.  Although the pattern has a whimsical feel with it’s delicate flounces. I wanted mine to have a modern edge.

Mori1_made by Needle and Ted

So whilst at the Knitting & Stitching Show a few weeks ago, I spent a good few hours walking around looking at fabric with the Mori top in mind. I ended up buying some beautiful pink linen from Simply Fabrics (and some grey for good measure). But as you can see I didn’t use it. Because I’m the one that changes her mind as often as Ryanair changes it’s prices.

Mori sleeve_by Needle and Ted

I used a lovely cream cotton with black woven arrows that was given to me by Toya. Thank you so much Toya, it touched my heart to receive this through my letterbox. I lined the sleeves with Kona curry. Giving it the modern feel that I was after.

Mori2_made by Needle and Ted

I had to add a layer of white in between to prevent the the colour showing through. I’m the one that adds 3 layers of fabric to a sleeve and still expects it to drape.

Mori_back_Needle and Ted

‘The fully-lined bodice has no closures or visible seams’. I’m the one who puts a zip in the back of a top that can fit over a head perfectly fine without one. Well, what can I say? I like zips.

Mori3_made by Needle and Ted

I made the Mori top a size too big in the hope that it will last 2 summers. I’m the one that ignores size guides, I’m not looking for it to fit quite yet.

Mori4_made by Needle and Ted

And just like on the E&E ruffle blouse I omitted the back ties because I’m the one that prefers minimal.

The Mori top was a pleasure to sew, if you want to make one use code ‘MORITOUR’ to receive a 10% discount. Offer expires at midnight (PST) on April 30.

22 thoughts on “I’m the one…

  1. I’m the one who thinks the wardrobe is so fall because if you make your daughters clothes I am sure you couldn’t possibly face sending them to the charity shop. Top is fab, love the fabric and the hit of yellow. Looks like you are getting ready for the summer.


    • As a matter of fact Bo, I sent 34 garments to the charity shop this week (but filled the space with hand-me-downs lol!!) Yes it’s really difficult to part with handmade clothes. And yes, bring on the sunshine.


  2. Oh man I love this top. I’m the one who keeps making her daughter clothes despite the fact that she won’t wear them without serious bribery because she much prefers cheap nasty 2nd hand clothes from her cousin 🙂


  3. I love it! I’m so glad you decided to add another top to your girl’s wardrobe and think the changes you made to it are brilliant! 🙂


  4. I LOVE this post. I love the rebel in your style, and I love that you flaunt it in such a cool way. And oh! I never would have thought of adding a third layer to keep the color from showing through — it’s always been such a dilemma for me. Now I know what to do. 😉


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