Is the Groove Dress the new black?

Madeit Pattern Groove Dress

The Groove Dress may well be the new black of sewing patterns. It’s comfortable, it’s stylish and it looks good on everyone. You really can’t go wrong.

It was born from my desire to sew something for my daughter that was quick and easy but bursting with style. This high low swing dress ticked all the boxes (for me and for her). We loved it so much I ended up making 13 (not all for my girls I must add). The Groove Dress really is the kind of pattern you make over and over again.

So I had a conversation with my partner Anna at Madeit Patterns and we both agreed that the Groove Dress would be the perfect dress to kick off our next collection.


After perfecting the pattern and adding lots and lots of options. We are finally launching the Groove Dress today. It’s available in kids, teen and adult sizes. But guess what? The teen size comes free if you purchase the kids pattern or the adult pattern. You’re welcome. No really, don’t mention it.

If I haven’t convinced you yet that the Groove Dress is the new black, check out our promo which is very likely to convince you that you need a Groove Dress in your life. WARNING: you may not be able to resist.

Get your Groove on

Then once you’ve purchased the pattern you can check out our Pinterest board for inspiration and ideas on how to personalise your dress and make it your new black.

Now’s definitely the time to get your Groove on, so go buy the pattern.

7 thoughts on “Is the Groove Dress the new black?

  1. I come back to this post now that I have sewn about four versions of this pattern and I can still see a few more to come. if you are an experienced sewer you might think it is a very simple pattern and that it might not be worth buying it. BUT, we all know that there are small differences that make a simple dress or tee shirt sewing pattern THE PATTERN. this is the case. It is so cleverly designed that the results are just wonderful. The fit is AMAZING. You people at Made it patterns really know what you are doing.


    • Thank you so much Solo Sewing, so pleased you are happy with the Groove Dress pattern, we love to hear what people think, and feedback like yours motivates us. Thank you 🙂 And if you would just like to copy and paste your comment on our website we would be DELIGHTED 😉


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