How to make your handmade dress shine

_0000_Brightness_Contrast 2

…and your 4 year old beam.

Step 1  Choose some nice cosy sweatshirt fleece.

Step 2  Make a nice practical dress with big pockets.

Step 3  Send subliminal messages to your child by placing a tub of gold fabric paint in her room, then move it to the kitchen, then the bathroom – but say nothing.

Step 4  Show your child the dress you have made.

Now for the clever bit…

Step 5  Ask your child if she likes the dress.

Child says ‘yes but can I have some gold’.

See what I did there?



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Step 6  Paint gold dots on dress as if it was all your child’s idea.

Step 7   Show the dress to your child and watch her beam.

Step 8 (Optional) take her to the Saatchi Gallery to…

_0002_NEEDLE AND TEDenjoy

_0001_photo by NEEDLE AND TED



_0003_Layer 0

inquire_0000_Photo by NEEDLE AND TED


_0001_Layer 2_0003_NEEDLE AND TED

and imagine.

_0002_Layer 1_0004_Photo by NEEDLE AND TED


Pattern: Belinda dress that I have made before.

Fabric: Black sweatshirt fleece from a box under my bed.

Location: Saatchi Gallery, King’s Road, London.

Verdict from Scout: Two thumbs up.


Have you ever tried sending sneaky subliminal messages to your child?

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