Shapes and Clothes

Navy drape dress4_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

If only you could feel fabric through your computer/mobile/tablet [delete as appropriate], then you would know how heavenly this navy jersey is. You may just see navy blue, knit fabric, which looks no different from any other navy blue knit fabric but it’s not something you can see, it’s only something you can feel. 

Navy drape dress7_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

You are going to have to trust me on this one. The quality of this jersey from NOSH takes you by surprise. It is super soft with an unexpected weight to it, much thicker than your average jersey. It’s the kind of fabric that you want to keep for yourself, ‘move over my little lovelies, this one’s for me’.

Navy drape dress9_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

I have decided to make more clothes for myself this year. Scout’s wardrobe is overflowing with clothes, she really won’t need much more for a while. And Darcy is being very blasé at the moment. Our conversations tend to go a little like this..

“Shall I make you this dress?”
“I don’t mind.”

“Do you like this fabric?”
“Sort of.”

“Do you want another Ziggy top?”
“I don’t know.”

Whereas I on the other hand have a gazillion things I want to make for myself. Here’s just 477 of them..

As you will see, I’m rather partial to drapes.

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So the Japanese sewing book Shapes and Clothes made my heart palpitate with excitement when I saw it. It was an immediate pur-chase. Even though it’s written in Japanese, it didn’t put me off. The patterns look as simple as patterns get, just 2 pattern pieces and that’s it.

Navy drape dress6_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

Navy drape dress8_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

I decided on dress O. A loose fitting asymmetrical drape dress. The patterns in Shapes and Clothes are one size. Based on this dress alone I would say they would ‘fit’ a UK size 10-16.

book model shot

Sewing it together was pretty straight forward, but I did a few things differently to the book:

  1. I raised the neckline as i didn’t want my pale green t-shirt showing underneath.
  2. I hand stitched the hem instead of using iron-on hemming tape.
  3. I held a husky in my left hand rather than an owl in my right hand.
  4. I wore my dress backwards so the main drape is on my right (of course it was intentional).
  5. I didn’t really stand in front of a garage (the magic of Photoshop).
  6. I made my dress with Nosh organic fabric

Ready for some more pictures?

Navy drape dress2_Nosh fabric_Needle and TedNavy drape dress5_Nosh fabric_Needle and TedNavy drape dress_Nosh fabric_Needle and Ted

If I saw this dress in the shops, I would buy it in a heart beat. It is 100% me. And to think that I made it in a matter of hours. That’s why I love to sew.

If you’re reading this and haven’t yet dived into the addictive world of sewing. I urge you to get started now, you will love it. Guaranteed.

And if you haven’t yet tried Nosh fabric, what are you waiting for? You will love it. Guaranteed.

51 thoughts on “Shapes and Clothes

  1. I absolutely love this dress! I have been eyeing the drape sewing books for a while now, and this dress totally won me over. Now the question is which of those japanese drape sewing books to buy…. Any recomendations?


  2. This is allllll sorts of fabulous!!! You really suit these drape style. And I’m dying laughing over your sewing conversations with your daughter. Oh boy do I recognize that :-))


  3. Yep I love the dress. I want one, your neck does look better however I am not a fan of hand sewing I bet I would just sew it on the machine anyway. Great job looks identical (well not the neck). Feel free to make me one and post it too me.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I can’t get over how amazing this dress is. Definitely so you. And so perfect in that Nosh fabric. Oh, and your conversation with your daughter….hahahaha!!!


    • Thank you Diana, it did make me laugh that you call them ‘weird shapes’ but I suppose they are not at all conventional so yes maybe a little ‘weird’. I look forward to seeing what you make when you get your book.


  5. Olu! I love every post you write. Love you chose the husky over the owl and good decision on higher neck to cover your green t 🙂 you make me giggle :). I may just have to buy this book and this fabric! And actually sew myself something 🙂
    Thanks for the great post and insperation!!!


  6. Love the asymmetrical drape, simple and complex all at the same time. You look great. I like your neckline better than the book’s, and holding a husky rather than an owl is a very unexpected, and innovative alteration! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. i love this so much!!! i love your style *-* black is just me all of the time (save the colours for my hair) but lmao you make me laugh with your commentary!! more sewing for you, please!!


    • Oh thank you Ari. I love the idea of a monochrome look with coloured hair. That’s pretty cool. I agree I really do want to do more sewing for myself, but I looked at my fabric stash last night and realised that the majority of it is either just 1m long or not quite sophisticated enough for an adult. Oh well more fabric shopping for me 🙂


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  9. I just came across your site and really love your style. I have Drape Drape 1 and have made several garments from it and I love them all. I’ve been researching Shapes and Clothes and this dress looks incredible on you and perfect for my wardrobe, but based on what I’ve found, I don’t know how to ascertain the measurements needed for the pieces. The rest looks fairly straightforward, I just was hoping you could offer any suggestions about where to start for the measurements of the pattern pieces. I’m so excited to have found this blog, I really really love what you’re doing.


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