2 things you need to know about knit fabric

Madeit Patterns Balloon fold dress to top_0000_Color Balance 1

I hear a lot of people say they are scared of sewing with knit fabric, but the plain and simple truth is there are only 2 things you need to know.

  1. Use a ballpoint needle

  2. Change your stitch to a zig zag stitch

That’s it. Really! And it took me all of 4 seconds to tell you that.

One of the first things I made when I started my blog, back when I thought knit fabric was the same as knitwear, was a long sleeve t-shirt with my version of what I now call a flutter sleeve. I didn’t know about the ballpoint needle and had no clue that the zig zag stitch was any more than a fancy stitch for decoration. But you know what, 2 years on, and Scout is still wearing that long sleeve t-shirt. It may be falling apart (just a little), I may have used the f word a few times whilst sewing it, but I’m still just as proud of it as the balloon fold top on my blog today.

Madeit Patterns Balloon fold dress to top

My point is, when it comes to sewing, I think it’s important not to be afraid of getting things wrong. It’s a learning process, we all get things wrong but does it really matter? It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts.*

Knit fabric is great for kids clothes, because it has streeeetch. So it’s very comfortable and perfect those active things that kids do, like running, jumping and handstands.

Madeit pattern balloon fold dress hack

OK, so do you want to know a little bit about what I made?

For the top I used Madeit Patterns Balloon Fold dress. I just love the racerback, say goodbye to annoying straps slipping off the shoulder, a racerback stays put and is flattering at the same time.

You may have noticed my Balloon Fold dress is actually a top. I just cut the bottom off in a curved shape and that’s it. I didn’t hem, I just let the bottom curl, because that’s how I roll. See what I did there?

The bottoms are harem pants and I just can’t stop making them. I think they look soooo cool on kids.

The fabric is flamé from NOSH. It’s an organic cotton knit with texture. The quality is something to write home about.

So, if you’ve never tried sewing with knit fabric because you’ve been nervous, I suggest you get yourself a ballpoint needle and just go for it.


*Actually, scrap that. I’ve never agreed with that quote. It’s not the taking part that counts, it’s all about the smug feeling of superiority you get from winning.

16 thoughts on “2 things you need to know about knit fabric

  1. I have made a lot of mistakes with knits over the years, but they have stayed my favorite stable in my kids wardrobe, I love Nosh and harem pants yes I agree can be made forever. Thanks for sharing.


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