I’m slightly less crazy than my sister

bowling bagOver twenty years ago, I gave my sister a gorgeous yellow and black, retro style Adidas bowling bag for her birthday. The moment I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect present for her. It was 100% her style and I knew she would absolutely love it. She still has the bag today, but do you know what? She has never used it. 


Not because she didn’t like it, not because she wasn’t grateful, not because it was the wrong size, the wrong colour, the wrong style, none of those reasons. It was because she loved it. So much so that she didn’t want to use it. You may be thinking this is crazy and it is kind of crazy but I totally understand. She didn’t want to ruin it. She wanted it to remain perfect. If she didn’t use it, then she could keep it forever in it’s beautiful, perfect condition.

Scandinavian Nordic Style Mono Pattern Panel Fabric

As silly as it sounds, I sometimes feel this way about some of my gorgeous fabric. Not wanting to cut into it because it looks so lovely sitting there all folded up, looking clean, crisp and pristine. But I’m slightly less crazy than my sister and I brace myself and then just go for it. Admittedly, the ‘brace yourself’ process may take a few days months.

Scandinavian Nordic Style Mono Pattern Panel 2

So after receiving this amazing fabric from LuckyShop0228 on Etsy. It took me a while to use it. But I had the perfect pattern in mind, the Petal Fold Separates by Madeit Pattterns.

Amazing fabric + cool pattern = something special


With the panels in the Petal Fold top I could see the potential of using a fabric which comprised of four bands of contrasting geometric prints. For the culottes I could keep the fabric a solid colour but use the geometric fabric for the pockets.

The Result

So I set about planning, plotting and scheming and this is what I came up with.

petal fold top_front_Needle and Ted

I used yellow flat piping between each panel to compliment the black and white.

petal fold top_back_Needle and Ted

Then carried the effect through to the back by placing a single yellow snap amongst three black ones in slightly quirky position.

petal fold culottes_Needle and Ted

For the culottes I used solid black with yellow piping and my amazing geometric print fabric for the pockets. Each pocket being a different print for that quirky effect that exemplifies Needle and Ted (or so I like to think).

petal fold top_inside out_needle and ted

petal fold sulottes_inside out_needle and ted

I have never shown the inside of the clothes I make before. Normally it’s not pretty, I’m not the neatest sewer but at Madeit Patterns we believe beauty comes from the inside out. So every pattern is made with the inside being nearly as beautiful as the outside.

I’m particularly proud of these insides, helped by the fact that I have finally started using the overlocker that was given to me by a friend. I had ignored it for 4 months because I was afraid to use it. I had absolutely no clue how it worked and it looked pretty scary to me. But I’ve now been on a course and I am afraid no more. Threading, pfff! that’s no obstacle for me.

Madeit Patterns Petal Fold PLAYSUIT

The Petal Fold Separates are a supplement to the Petal Fold Playsuit. You can leave the centre panel solid like I did or follow the tutorial for a beautiful, unique pleated panel as shown above. It looks tricky, it’s clever but a lot easier to do than you think. The tutorial guides you through every step of the way.

culottes with pleatfold top

And of course you don’t have to wear the Petal Fold top and culottes together (even though they do look fabulous as a set). The culottes also look great with Madeit Patterns Pleat Fold Top

petal fold top reversed_needle and ted

And the Petal Fold top looks good with pretty much everything. It’s so versatile that you can even wear it back to front if that’s how you roll.

Madeit Patterns Petal Fold separates_2  Madeit Patterns Petal Fold separates_1

Scout wore her Petal Fold Separates on her birthday. Like I said, amazing fabric + cool pattern = something special

Madeit Patterns Petal Fold separates_3

Okay, so how may of you have something you love stashed away, unused like my sister’s Adidas bowling bag? Come on, admit it.

16 thoughts on “I’m slightly less crazy than my sister

  1. Love this outfit and those fabrics! I use the fabrics I love most first, its the ones I’m not quite sure about that remain lurking in the back of my cupboard!


  2. Hum, hum me? Never!! !:D Ok Ok i admit!
    But let’s talk about you! What you did with your ‘ican’tcutinthisfabulousfabric’ is wow…no words! Love it!


  3. I’m the exact opposite. If I love one particular fabric, I can’t wait to cut it and make something beautiful. This is one of my favourite outfits you made. Love the different prints, the yellow piping, the black cullotes, the one yellow snap… Just perfect!


  4. Olu! You are letting her hold a cake that close to the gorgeous clothes! 🙂 yes, I too have that problem with not using my favs. And it is so silly because when it comes to fabric we can usually just order some more :), but I do that all the time! 🙂 love those patterns! And that yellow snap is perfect!!!!!


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