Battle of the Stitches: Round 3

We’re back for Battle of the Stitches: Round 3. Needle and Ted vs Made by Toya with special guests Fliegfederfrei and Made by Sara.

For this battle we go back, way back, a stitch back in time…

Simplicity vintage sewing pattern - child's jumpsuit

Simplicity Patterns Ltd. 39-45 Tottenham Court Road, London W1P 9RD. Printed in Great Britain. 1975.

You guessed it, we’re going vintage. At Needle and Ted and Made by Sara we’re heading back to the 70’s. Think big hair, flares and platform shoes. If you were a kid in 70’s Britain, you’ll remember Fuzzy Felt, space hoppers and Etch-a-Sketch. Did you have a shag pile carpet in the living room? A lava lamp on the teak sideboard and string art on the wall? And you recorded your favourite music from the radio on your cassette tape recorder, diving in to pause the recording every time the dj spoke.

Now imagine 10 years prior to that, Toya (Made by Toya) and Nina (Fliegfederfrei) are swinging their way back to the sixties. Think bouffants, mini skirts, turtleneck sweaters. Flower Power and love beads. You didn’t have a remote control for your black and white tv, or maybe you were lucky enough to have a new colour television to watch Neal Armstrong land on the moon.

So pop back on Monday for a snippet of nostalgia, as we take A Stitch Back in Time.

Battle of the Stitches

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