Would you dress your baby in black?

retro hat from sweaterI mentioned Gabi from the Minimi Project in my last post. The Minimi Project is for the conciencious sewer. They are all about re using those clothes that you no longer wear and making them into something that will be loved. Their sewing patterns are especially designed for upcycling, so if you use a Minimi pattern you are doing your little bit for the planet.*

retro hat_made by Needle and Ted

I used the Minimi Retro Hat made from a sweater pattern, to sew a retro hat as a gift for my friend’s new baby. The hat is suppose to be made from a sweater (the clue is in the name), but shamefully I didn’t upcycle a sweater, I used some left over fabric instead. (That’s not so bad is it?). The lining was upcycled though, so I don’t feel too guilty.

There are 4 other Minimi patterns which are soon to launch:

  • Jumpsuit (made from a shirt)
  • Dungaree Shorts
  • Dungaree Skirt
  • Harem Pants
All go from size 0 – 2 years. I love the concept of patterns from upcycled clothes. I am particularly proud of the upcycled dungarees I made a while back for my 3 year old. I only wish I could make jeans from jeans for my 8 year old. I much prefer the denim used on jeans to what I can find at fabric shops, but I would need a pretty large pair of jeans to start off with.
 retro hat and Baby Ziggy top made by Needle and TedTo go with the hat, I made a Baby Ziggy top, which is the baby sister/brother to The Ziggy top. Incidentally, The Ziggy is on sale at the moment (until midnight Sunday). Go get yours today.
retro hat with THe Ziggy by Needle and Ted
Black for a baby? Not everyone will approve, but my friend is cool enough to appreciate it.

retro hat with The Ziggy by Needle and TedWould you dress your baby in black?


*There are more little bits that need doing, but this is one little bit in the right direction.


13 thoughts on “Would you dress your baby in black?

  1. Definitely. My girl number3 (baby number 4) was a dress up doll for her much older siblings .she’s got recycled (home made) black clothes and shop bought. We never ignore the boy section the shops either. And now she’s 4 her taste is so unpredictable..of all her beautiful dresses she’ll pick the plain black “haven”dress I sewed up as a tester.


  2. Yes! I love seeing (my) kids in black. I didn’t know these patterns, but that is such a great idea. I have loads of t-shirts for recycling, but never seem to get to them.


  3. My son was born in 1979 and I made most of his clothes before has was born (I knew from ultrasound at 7 months I was having a boy) To my mothers horror and disbelief the colours I used were predominantly black and red. As an infant and toddler he had white blond hair and looked so striking in his fab clothes. Two years later I passed his clothes on to his half brother who was adopted into another family and I was recently amazed to find out his sibling not only wore the clothes but the family have kept them as art objects until today, 34 years later. I feel deeply touched as I was 20 when I handmade those clothes and as a professional textile artist 4 decades later this is the earliest archive of my work.

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  4. Great outfit! And yes, I almost only wear black myself and have dressed all three kids in black from birth on. Not exclusively of course, that would be a bit too gothic, but every now and then it looks soooo cool!


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