Looking for a bargain?

Madeit Patterns / kite fold tee illustration

If you have a Madeit Pattern from the FOLD|2 collection, you would have seen the adorable illustrations on the front cover. They were drawn by the everso sweet and super talented Gabi of The Minimi Project.

The illustrations appealed to me because of their loose, charming, modern style.

Baby Ziggy_Madeit Patterns_ blue stripes

Gabi has recently had a baby boy, so I thought it only appropriate that I made him something from a Madeit pattern.

But Madeit patterns start from age 2, so we made a teeny tiny pattern especially for Gabi.

baby Ziggy 1

The Ziggy top is a very baby friendly pattern, so I thought I’d sew a couple for Gabi’s new baby and also give her the pattern so she could make some more herself as and when her baby gets bigger.

Baby Ziggy_Madeit Patterns_ green stripes

The Ziggy is so quick to make that she could squeeze one or two in during her baby’s nap time.

baby Ziggy folded

Anna graded The Ziggy from 0-3 months all the way up to 12-18 months and I chose some super soft fabric and made some teeny tiny Baby Ziggys for a teeny tiny baby boy.

The Ziggy by Needle and Ted

And as it happens, we have just updated Baby Ziggy’s big brother/sister, The Ziggy, to bring it in line with our new styling. It’s still the same great pattern but the tutorial has a cleaner fresher look.

The Ziggy by Needle and Ted

Here’s one I made earlier.

The Ziggy with leggings Madeit Pattern by Needle and Ted

Matching leggings is the way forward.

The Ziggy. Madeit Pattern made by Needle and Ted

The Ziggy is a highly customisable pattern, add a hood, some cuffs and Bob’s your uncle. For more inspiration check out our Wall of Fame.

Ziggy sale

And for this week only The Ziggy is on sale for just £3.95 (approx $6). To get your copy, head on over to Madeit Patterns now.




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