Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker. Book review and **GIVEAWAY**


A week or so ago an email quietly pinged to my inbox from Thames & Hudson asking if I was interested in reviewing a fashion book for kids. Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker is ‘a sketchbook for daring young fashion rebels who want to create their own stylish looks.’ I immediately said yes as I thought Darcy would love to play around designing her very own fashion collection. Secretly, I wanted to give it a go myself, the book is aimed at children age 8 plus, but hey! my inner child is 10 years old.

The front cover of the book is well designed and looks good enough to grab attention, but as we all know, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover…Outfitmaker_2 copyDSC04483 copy

The book which is not so much a book, more a folder with 10 double sided fashion templates filed neatly on one side and a tracing pad, perfect bound on the other.

DSC04484 copyDSC04490 copy

It’s a simple concept, the idea is that you overlay pages from your tracing pad onto the fashion templates, then trace and colour to your hearts desire. It gives your child the potential to create thousands of mix and match styles to create a his or her own fashion collection.

Outfitmaker_tracing_Needle and TedDSC04489 copySounds fun right? Well it was for Darcy, she loves drawing and colouring, as do most kids of her age. In fact colouring books are quite the craze for adults too these days. And have you seen the colouring in fabric in Ikea? I even asked if they would put a sample out for me my daughter to test. Oh yes I did!

DSC04488 copySo naturally I wanted to have a go at creating my own look with the Outfit Maker. Darcy was reluctant to tear a page out for me because she was worried about them falling out. I think wiro bound pages may have been a better option.

Outfitmaker_4Unfortunately, the tracing pad was not transparent enough for me, I struggled with seeing what was behind, so I eventually gave up.

Outfitmaker_tracing2DSC04495 copyhairstyles template

Darcy however, continued for nearly an hour adding accessories and hairstyles. She complained that some of the illustrations were too detailed, so it was going to take her ‘aaaaaages’.

DSC04493 copyDSC04494 copy

I tend to agree, the illustration are excellent, but could have been simplified a little for tracing.

DSC04486 copyDSC04492 copy

Not only does the tracing pad include mannequins to trace over, but also garment illustrations to design and colour, with a page of patterns and trims, pockets, sleeves and collars. The combinations are endless.

MATRIX POLO garment illustrationMatrix Polo Garment illustrations - Madeit Patterns

Which  gives me a perfect opportunity to tell you about the garment illustrations we have recently added as a free download in our shop at Madeit Patterns. Each garment from our FOLD|2 collection has a front and back illustration to help you decide which colours or fabric to use. You can print them out and colour them in, glue fabric to them or colour them digitally. If you have bought one of our patterns and want to create a mood board or plan your project, head on over to Madeit Patterns for your free download.

shirts and Blouses

Now back to the matter at hand. Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker has already proven educational to Darcy, who commented on a ‘peplum top’ that someone was wearing on television. Evidence that her garment vocabulary is growing, thanks to Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker.Outfitmaker_5I think Darcy is going to be kept entertained for a very long time with her new, fun, fashion folder. It’s going to take ‘aaaaages’ for her to finish all the pages. It’s certainly hit the spot for budding young fashion designers in her.

Ethereal Dress2_Needle and Ted copyEthereal Dress_Needle and TedQuestion: Were you just looking at the book, or did you also notice the dress Darcy is wearing? You wouldn’t have seen much of it, so here it is in it’s full glory. I made it yonks ago but unfortunately Darcy was underwhelmed, it hung like a nightgown on her slim frame. It’s Figgy’s Ethereal Dress, I made a belt for it (not shown) and it looked better, but if I was to make it again I’d make the blouse version or use completely different fabric.

To get your hands on a free copy of Fashion Rebel Outfit Makerfollow me on Bloglovin then correctly answer this question… “Where did I get the fabric* from for the Ethereal dress Darcy is wearing?”. The first correct answer wins the ‘book’. The winner will be notified by email. Good luck.

*Clue: Last year I blogged about a top I made using this very same fabric 😉

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