Marshmallow was her name

Did you give your child a name before it was born? Something silly, but cute? Something soft and squidgy, like ‘Marshmallow’ perhaps?

That was the name of Laura’s baby before she was born, but now the little marshmallow is finally here. Congratulations Laura on the birth of your beautiful little girl.

Laura is the woman behind Craftstorming and Titchy Threads, we got chatting when I became a tester for her Azur swimsuit. We haven’t stopped chatting since. I got to meet Laura in real life a while ago when she was on a family break in London, we spent the day laughing, eating and laughing some more. We got together again on our trip to Paris.

marshmallow romper_0000_marshmallow marshmallow romper_0001_Hue_Saturation 1Some of Laura’s blogging friends decided to get together and surprise her with a dedicated blog post and a gift for her baby. I made a kimono sleeve romper for Little Marshmallow. I suppose you knew it was never going to be pink. But I used a floral print around the neckline and the leg opening to make it a tad cute. The tie that fastened around the waist was white but I dyed it with… tea, it was Darcy’s idea, it was something they had done at school. It worked well(ish) but the colour did not come out even. But tea and marshmallow is a great combination don’t you think?

press fasteners

The romper fastens around the leg with press fasteners, the ones with the prongs. It took me over a hour to attach them. I damaged about 12 in the process, they were a pain to attach. Maybe there are better ones, but the ones I bought from Ebay were called NOFUN and they certainly lived up to their name.

I just hope that they do not fall off when Laura is changing Marshmallow. But Marshamallow is Laura’s 3rd child and we know that with your 1st baby you change their nappy every hour, whether they need it or not. With your 2nd baby you change their nappy every 2 to 3 hours, if needed. But with your 3rd baby you try to change their nappy before people start to smell it or it gets so saggy it nearly falls off and changes itself.

Enjoy every minute of the precious time you have with Baby Marshamallow Laura, they don’t stay small and squidgy for long.

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13 thoughts on “Marshmallow was her name

  1. Oh this kimono romper is adorable and I love the touch of floral too! Do you have the pliers to attach the snaps? It makes things somewhat easier. I put 3 and it was a bit of pain and mine weren’t called nofun! hehe


  2. Olu this is perfect and ridiculously cute, I love the colour and the floral bias. I can’t wait for Willow to wear it! I feel so lucky that you all organised this for me.


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