16 sewing patterns to be GIVEN AWAY

ruffle top6 made by Needle and Ted

‘Pretty’ is not how I would usually describe the things I make for my girls. There is nothing pretty about grey, my usual colour of choice. But this blog post features a pretty girl, with pretty eyes, wearing a pretty flowers in her hair, in a pretty blouse, made out of pretty fabric. And just so that the overload of pretty doesn’t make you want to vomit, I toned it all down with a pair of jeans. And you know what! It works for me. I actually love it.ruffle top8 made by Needle and Ted

The fabric is Liberty of London, Mitsi Nougat from from Cousette. Kindly given to each of us who went to Paris Sew Social 2015. At first I was not keen on the fabric for kids, I thought it looked a little grown up if you see what I mean. But it grew on me, the more I looked at it the more I liked. Now I’m completely sold. The fabric is beautiful, even on a 3 year old.

ruffle top7 made by Needle and Ted

Choosing a pattern for the fabric was not difficult. Laura made a skirt which looks great and Marte made shorts which are fab, out of the same fabric, but to me the fabric was meant to be a blouse. That happens with fabric right? You just know what it’s going to become the moment you look at it.

ruffle top9So I picked a blouse pattern from one of our Paris Sew Social sponsors, Elegance and Elephants, Ruffle Top. After seeing this version, I knew the pattern had to be mine one day.

The pattern has back ties which I omitted (my ruffle top is pretty enough it doesn’t need back ties for an extra dose of pretty). And I finished the neckline with facing rather than having the tiny little stand up collar that is on the pattern. I also made the armhole a little smaller, though it was great for tickles at the original size.

ruffle top4 made by Needle and TedHave you ever tried photographing a 3 year old?

You probably know they don’t keep still for longer than 4 seconds. So I tried a new little trick called ‘See how many wooden blocks you can balance on top of each other before they topple over’.ruffle top5 made by Needle and TedThat kept Scout still for about 8 seconds. Just enough time to CLICK!

ruffle top made by Needle and TedCLICK!ruffle top2 made by Needle and TedCLICK!ruffle top3 made by Needle and TedHow many blocks were you able to balance Scout?

Win an Elegance & Elephants pattern

And now for something to make you keep still for 8 seconds. All you have to do is make a suggestion (in the comments box below) for keeping a child still during a photo shoot. The best or funniest suggestion will win a pattern of choice from Elegance & Elephants. Pssst! I may be a bit bias to those of you who subscribe to Needle and Ted, follow Needle and Ted on Instagram or follow Elegance & Elephants on Facebook. And it’s not too late to DO IT NOW, hint! hint!

The winner will be announced in 2 weeks time.

More chances to win


Click on the images above to check out what my fellow Paris Sew Social friends made with their sponsored fabric and patterns. Each one of them, (as well as the winners of the last Paris Sew Social Giveaway) will be giving away a PDF pattern. That makes 15 more chances to win a cool pattern. Good Luck!



84 thoughts on “16 sewing patterns to be GIVEN AWAY

  1. Embrace the wiggly! I make her wiggle everything (“your nose! your hair! shake your tushyyyyy!”) and then FREEZE! Usually she is caught off guard and laughing so hard that I get a normal, natural smile and pose (is my three year old the only one who sticks her tongue out the second she sees a camera?!). I keep repeating the process until I actually get a good shot.
    If that doesn’t work, try candy! Yep, excellent parenting right here!

    PS- I follow you on IG


  2. The last-but-one picture is so very beautiful! I guess she had just dropped the blocks at that point? Her eyes, her smile… make me smile as well.
    As for how to keep kids still…. I am wrecking my mind, but the only situations I can think of are ‘in front of a screen’ – which is hardly photograph-worthy (think blank expressions and eyes staring in the distance) – or ‘asleep’, which may be a cute and cherished sight to every parent, but not so elegant for showing off their handmade attire…
    So I guess this is not really an official entry, although I wanted it to be one, but alas, I got a smile out of seeing your girl smile and that is worth it already!


  3. I like to ask a question that makes them think for a minute. Then they stay still, but they sometimes look funny. Haha! No magic answers from me! Would love to win a pattern!


  4. Great sewing as usual. I usually have the sports mode on in my camera. I can’t make them pose or count, “1-2-3 smile!”. I just capture the moment! 🙂


  5. I love the top! For my almost 3 year old boy, outside photos work the best for him. He loves to watch the garbage truck come down the street and pick-up the trash. I’ve been able to get some photos of him looking inquisitive and staring off in the distance. So the concludion is, for the inquisitive look, you’ll have to wait for trash day to take your photos… or if you need a photo sooner, hire a garbage truck to drive up and down your street until you get the right shot. It might throw the neighbors off and it could get a little stinky, but it might be worth a try.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Lollipops. I use them for all my bribery! 😉 Inexpensive, accessible and my children ALWAYS respond positively to the rainbow sweetness! (following IG & FB!)


  7. Wow I love those pictures, what a great idea with the blocks. For our last holiday we tried to have our two girls look into the lens at the same time, the trick we used was asking ‘where are daddy’s/mummy’s sunglasses?’ It worked, but not for standing still, as our two year old then wanted to grab the sunglasses 😉


  8. Oh she was a beautiful model though! My best efforts always work with bubbles…. but they still have to blow or catch whichever is their want, so keeping still may not be the outcome. Good luck with that one! I loved the top, oh so pretty.


  9. I’ve recently been fairly successful at getting good pictures of my 3.5 yo twin boys by asking them to show me what an angry pirate looks like, then a nice little boy, a wild viking, a cute kitten, a ferocious dinosaur, their little baby niece… Actually turned out I liked some of the non-smiling pictures better because there was more action in them 😉
    Oh, and I should note that before I start using cues, I make sure I’m in the right position,at the right distance, light and background are good and so on. I’ll just start taking pictures and then at some point get the boys involved. And if I’m extra lucky, I might even get a nice photo of BOTH my boys 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. New to your blog via the giveaway. What a lovely top, love that fabric.I’ll have a good old look around your old posts.
    My two and a half year old never stays still for photos, so many of the pictures are blurry. Good job its so easy to delete them these days and not be disappointed when you get them developed. My 12week old just needs a tickle under her chin for a gorgeous smile!


  11. Two things worked for us. At Christmas we let her a choose a thick piece of tinsel, which she could keep if she posed sitting down with it wrapped in a circle around her with a big smile. She couldn’t wait to play with it, so that one was quick and easy. The other one was also a bribe – she let me take a few photos – so long as she could pick which one she liked, then I had to delete the rest – all this from my 3 year old!


  12. Great idea a with the blocks! I would try blowing bubbles…but it may drip on the fabric. My kids focus all their attention to blowing the air through the loop.


  13. Not sure if this giveaway is still open, but I have a three year old who pretends everything (well, almost everything) is a lollipop, so it works to give her a lollipop as a treat/reward if and when I REALLY need her to look and smile at the camera. Oherwise, we just make funny sounds or say silly things. Not very original, but it usually does the trick….following you on IG too!! Beautiful choice of fabric!!


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