Just being honest

Liv sweatshirt by Pattydoo_1As much as I enjoy making clothes for my girls, I would love to have the time to make some things for myself too. Can you believe I have only ever bought 2 pdf patterns for myself.

I have a Pinterest board overflowing with ideas, inspiration and patterns should I ever find the time to sew for myself.

But alas, it rarely happens. Until along came an email from a German company called Pattydoo, who have just launched their site in English. “Would you like to review one of our patterns?” On closer inspection I find that Pattydoo not only ‘doo’ kids patterns (yawn!) but adults too (hurrah!). An opportunity to make something for myself “Yes please, I’ll do it.”

But Pattydoo were putting themselves at risk when they asked me to review their pattern, because if I think a pattern is a load of old tosh, I will politely tell you. I can only be honest on my blog, so here’s my honest review.

Liv sweatshirt by Pattydoo_2

Choosing the pattern was a fun experience. Pattydoo has an online design gizmo, like an App for a kids dress up game, where you can customise your pattern. First you choose your pattern, decide on your neckline and sleeves, then play around with fabric combinations. I ended up with the Liv sweatshirt with a round neck and long cuffed sleeves. Sadly you don’t get the fabric with the pattern, but there is a link to the fabric shop, so you can buy it if you wanted to (nice touch!).

Everything about the website, the pattern and the tutorial is very professional looking. No cringeworthy photography or dodgy tutorial page layouts. It is all very well designed and put together. So it gets a thumbs up from me.

The tutorial has no fancy illustrations or photography, instead there is a link to watch the video tutorial via You Tube, which unfortunately didn’t work (that’s a thumbs down from me). BUT… you can watch the tutorial straight from the Pattydoo website. It was recored in German and dubbed in English. It is completely out of sync which made me chuckle because it reminded me of the 1970s cult Japanese TV series Monkey Magic. Do you remember that show? If you do, I bet you’re doing an impression right now, putting on a Japanese accent and moving your lips in an exaggerated fashion whilst saying ‘Monkey, Pigsy, Tripitaka’.

Anyway, back to the sweatshirt, I got a bit sidetracked thinking of Monkey with his big sideburns, riding on a cloud.

Liv sweatshirt by Pattydoo_6I made my sweatshirt as per the measurement chart. I resisted the urge to size up (as I normally would), because I wanted to test if the pattern would be true to size. It was. A slimmer fit than I normally wear but I really like it. I have had compliments about how slimming the sweatshirt looks on me. But that’s because I made the correct size (unless it’s all those morning star jumps finally paying off). I usually drown myself in sloughy, baggy numbers, but after this I might just reassess my everyday style.

Liv sweatshirt by Pattydoo_3The fabric is a soft quilted knit in navy that I bought from the Knitting and Stitching Show at Simply Fabrics. I’m glad I bought enough to make some pants for the girls too. I’m loving the fabric.Liv sweatshirt by Pattydoo_4I am surprisingly pleased with my Liv sweatshirt. I was concerned that it might look boring but it’s practical and versatile, and sometimes practical and versatile is just what you need, don’t you agree?

Liv sweatshirt by Pattydoo_5It was simple to make but you need to choose your own size for the bottom band and the cuffs, rather than rely on a pattern piece. This didn’t bother me because it ensures that you make it to fit you just the way you like it.

I reckon the Liv pattern is going to be one of those patterns I use again and again. Thank yooooo Pattydoooo!

26 thoughts on “Just being honest

  1. love to see you on the blog! sounds like promise to see you there more often..? i’m a big fan of quilted knit! it’s very stylish. you look amazing in this sweater!
    time for an other round of the battle of the stitches!? maybe trousers :)?


    • Thank you Nina. I have every intention of featuring more on my blog. I have so many things I want to make for myself. Yes we definitely need to do another Battle. Hmmm! Maybe not trouser 😉 Maybe the Else sweatshirt??


  2. You look fantastic! Of course, I want to see your pretty face:) You did a great job. I usually wear baggy clothing too, but after seeing how nice you look, I may have to rethink that too!


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