The strangest fabric ever


Hummingbird ponte roma: It may look good in the pictures but it should have come with a warning.



  • If you want the stretch of the fabric to go across your body (most people do), then the birds will be flying upwards or downwards instead of across. Although birds can fly in this direction, it looks odd on a dress, like a hummingbird about to peck your nose or your toes off.
  • If you want the birds to fly in the correct direction make something baggy (or you won’t be able to move).
  • The inside of the fabric is white (interesting, but unexpected).
  • You will waste a lot of this fabric, and may only be able to use 3 or 4 full hummingbirds if you buy 2m of fabric (the birds are located toward the selvedge, it is not an all-over print).
  • This fabric is only £3.50 a meter but there is a reason for that (see previous warnings).


All that being said, I still managed to make a dress out of it which both me and Darcy are rather fond of.

Belinda pocketWe love the pockets, which join into one big deep hideaway. You could fit your books, your dolly and a packed lunch. No need for a rucksack.

Belinda2The pattern is the Belinda Dress which is a style that I would wear myself (minus the puffy shoulders). It’s nice to find a pattern for a dress that is suitable for the winter.Belinda4 It was quick and easy to make, which is always a bonus. No doubt I’ll be making more. But in ‘normal’ fabric, obviously.

Belinda7Have you ever made anything with such strange fabric?Belinda8


13 thoughts on “The strangest fabric ever

  1. i love this dress, I’ve used lots of strange fabrics too. I think I’d buy it anyways because it’s so great. The fabric store in town was just selling a knit batman fabric for just $1 a yard. Only problem, he was missing his head : ). Silly fabric companies 😊


  2. The fabric does sound interesting, but it looks like you managed it just fine! The dress looks comfy. The birdie print is such a lovely bright feature. And that pocket? Yum!


  3. I have a knit like this too where the design is not printed in a usable way. So bizarre, right? But this dress is super cute! I actually saw a similar pattern in Ottobre which I was eyeing. I really like the pocket detail as well as the bottom band.


    • Thanks Rachel, I’m assuming the direction of the birds on the fabric was a mistake, so they have to sell it cheaply to get rid of it.

      Oooh! I’m expecting my first copy of Ottobre in the post soon. I’m excited to get my hands on all those patterns.


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