Battle of the Stitches: Round 1


East London vs South London Jagger Jeans Sew-Off

Needle and Ted vs Made by Toya. Two sewing bloggers who have much in common. I have an allergy to sickly sweet, cute things. Toya has a distaste for pink, glitter and appliqué butterflies. This is what drove us screaming hysterically to our sewing machines to take matters into our own hands. Now we both make clothes for our 2 girls and don’t rely on ready-to-wear. We are both self confessed sewing addicts who love a little challenge.
grey things

Clockwise from top left: Bloomers with braces self drafted and Made by Toya. Bubble dress, pattern from Heidi & Finn, made by Needle and Ted. Florence blouse pattern by Madeit Patterns, adapted to a dress by Needle and Ted. Autumn smock dress, self drafted and Made by Toya.

Oh yes! and we both love grey.

But that’s not all, we both live in London and it just so happens that we both won the Jagger Jeans pattern by Madeit Patterns. So we decided to get a little competitive (in the name of fun) an have a sew-off (similar to a dance-off but without the dancing, or a rap battle without the rapping).

“Man that sew-off on the yard the other day was sick, you owned Toya with your topstitching [high five].”

Get it?
So I’m throwing in my first move, indigo stretch denim, I haven’t prepared any more moves, freestyle is how I roll.
denim fabric with bus

The Jagger Jeans Sew-Off: It’s a London thing.

Now boogie on down to Made by Toya where she will be hitting you with some killer moves.

Then pop, lock and drop back here next Friday for some more super fly action (pun intended).

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