Hands up for handmade

Rowan tee_penguin

Last year I blogged about a friend who didn’t want a handmade gift, I had become very disheartened and was going to stop making things for people who were not grateful. However, I received lots of comments that encouraged me to continue but only for people I know will appreciate them.

Rowan tee1

So I made a Rowan tee for my nephew for Christmas. He’s only 2 and doesn’t really care if his clothes are handmade or not, but my brother and sister-in-law are always delighted when I make things for their son.

For his birthday I gave him a pair of harem pants, his mum immediately checked for the label. “They are from Zara.” she said. But what she was really saying was “What! you didn’t make them?” I was touched by this comment and knew that for Christmas, it had to be handmade.

Rowan tee21

The Rowan tee is classic t-shirt pattern by Titchy Threads, with more options than a menu at a Chinese restaurant. I have plans to make a grey one too (of course) with a black stripes down the sleeves. But with this one, I was going for colour. I wanted to use the blue and apple, striped fabric I had in my fabric treasure-trove. I would have called it blue and green but it said apple on the label and I like apples so lets stick with it. The fabric had Rowan tee written all over it (luckily it all come out in the pre-wash). That was a joke by the way.

When I laid out the muddy yellow knit next to the stripes, I had to squint my eyes, tilt my head to the side and hope that it wouldn’t look like a macaw. Somehow making the fabric blur together makes me see things a little clearer. Yep, crazy nonsensical, I know. The mix of colours works for me, what do you think?

Rowan tee_blur

I hadn’t intended to attach a pocket but I did the ‘squinty eye-head tilt-thing’ again and it seemed to all come together. Do you do odd things like that or is it just me?

I can’t wait to see my nephew rocking his new t-shirt. Thank you so much for the pattern Laura, I’ll certainly be making lots more Rowan tees.



12 thoughts on “Hands up for handmade

  1. What a great gift! I used to worry about people not liking something homemade and then, about 6yrs ago with a very young H in tow I met a friend of a friend, an eternal bachelor type who on discussing my love of craft he groaned and said – ‘oh you’re not going to be one of those mum’s who tries to make knock off versions of disney toys etc. etc.’ It was a moment of epiphany for me as I thought ‘ yes that’s exactly the kind of mum I’m going to be’. Inspired I set off home to started crocheting a raymond briggs style snowman (as H was obsessed at the time) and I haven’t worried about it since!


    • Ha, ha, it’s really not even worth discussing craft with people who don’t get it. They will never understand how excited we can get. When I’m excited I talk so fast, I can hardly breathe.

      It’s true if someone tells you you’re not going to be something, then that’s exactly what you want to be. I like that. Good for you.


  2. I do that same thing when deciding fabric for a quilt. Squint my eyes, tilt my head to the side, switch sides again… It’s easier to see the coast that way! I’ve run into the same thing with handmade gifts. I only do then for people I know who appreciate it, and they seem to be few and far between… Love that shirt! And, the penguin too! 😉


    • Thank you Jessi. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does the squinty-eye-head-tilt dance. Oh yes the penguin, glad you mentioned it, ha ha, you should have seen the other random objects that I tried and rejected 😉


  3. I’m fortunate that so far any gifts I’ve made seem to be very much appreciated, I definitely wouldn’t want to make them otherwise. Who wouldn’t want this T-shirt though! I love this whole colour combination and that is definitely a very apple-y green. I’m going to have to try your squinty eye thing too.

    Oh and I have a grey one with black stripes down the arm right next to me. I just need to finish the trousers to go with it (Ryder trousers) and it might be on the blog some time this year 🙂


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