How I turned my sewing dream into a reality

Unbeknownst to Laura Titchener, she was the catalyst for a curious chain of events…


So there you have it. As of January 2015 Madeit Patterns will be run by Anna Bruce and Olu Falola. I am extremely excited and very grateful to Anna for giving me this opportunity. We have lots of exciting things in store and hope that you can in someway be apart of it too. I will be sewing like crazy (as usual), there will be blog tours, competitions, pattern testing, sew-offs and lots more. Follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss out.

Hey! Look up at the menu bar. Notice anything new?



*Infographic icons courtesy of the Noun Project.


32 thoughts on “How I turned my sewing dream into a reality

  1. Love the flow chart, wonder if him upstairs used one before or after creating the universe and everything in it. Probably more straight forward than the book. Bless you! For future endeavors.


  2. What awesome news!!! I am so glad I opened my email link to this post. You are so deserving. Sewing is just the greatest, right : ). I am really looking forward to these things to come from you and Anna. I am still in need to make more of that incredible blouse. Congratulations to you, and Anna for scoring her new teammate!


  3. Whaaa?! That is so awesome, congrats Olu!!! Way to make things happen for yourself, so cool. I am SO looking forward to seeing what you and Anna put together this year!!

    PS-That graphic. ❤


  4. Wow Olu!!! Way to go! I am so happy for you! I am sure you two will make a great team. Can’t wait for the Spring collection to be released!!!
    I always feel amazed with this kind of chain of events… How one little thing turns into a big amazing thing… ❤
    And that graphic… Love it!


    • Ha, ha, Sara I think at the same time you were writing this I comment, I was also writing a comment on your blog 🙂
      Thank you so much. Yes, you never know what is round the corner with the decisions you make. Glad you like the infographic.


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