Would you go to dinner with a man who was wearing this shirt?

Steve's shirt

I would rather not.

This shirt may have been fashionable in the 90’s. Actually, it may never have been fashionable at all, ever. And it certainly shouldn’t have enter 2014 as shirt waiting to be worn to dinner.

Are you sitting comfortably? This is the story of Steve’s Pink Shirt.

I was at the squash club with my friend Grace. We had just finished our squash lesson with our coach Steve. It was Grace’s birthday and we had planned to out go for dinner to celebrate. Steve called us into his office to ask for advice on what to wear. There were 2 shirts hanging from the wall. The one which you see above and another which was dark blue with little nondescript shapes on. Steve asked us which one he should wear. [Long pause] Oh dear! Should I be honest? Should I answer?

Let me just clarify. Steve, being a squash coach, is mostly seen wearing sportswear, he looks good in sportswear, it suits him, but when it comes to civilian clothing, all I can say is ‘Oh dear!’ I bet you’ve seen it yourself. People who look good at the gym, rocking a pair of Nike running tights and a crop top in a way that you can only dream about. But then you see them at a party, wearing a LBD and it makes you feel a whole lot better about yourself. Lets face it curves look better than muscle in a LBD.

Anyway back to the story. Grace and I looked at the pink shirt, looked at each other and fell to the floor in fit of uncontrollable laughter. OK, that was a slight exaggeration, but needless to say we both chose the dark blue shirt, which was only slightly more ‘with it’ than the pink one.

But the story doesn’t end there. Grace and I didn’t let Steve off hook. He never lets us off the hook in our squash lessons. We told Steve exactly what we thought of his loud, fancy pink shirt. How it was somewhat dated, how he may get confused for a tourist and how he may have gotten away with it if we were going out in Hoxton, where it’s happening and he were in his twenties and he was purposely going for the retro geeky look with rolled up skinny jeans. But, he was not.

When we finally calmed down and was able to see through our tears of laughter I said to Steve “The best thing you can do with that shirt is to give it to me so that I can make something out of it for Scout”. He pulled the shirt off the hanger and chucked it at me. And that is the story of Steve’s pink shirt, that became mine, to do with as I pleased.

squash outfit ♥ Needle and Ted

So, I had an idea. I was going to make a little outfit for Scout to wear to her Tots Squash class. That way Steve could still see his shirt on a regular basis.

squash outfit ♥ Needle and Tedsquash outfit ♥ Needle and Tedsquash outfit ♥ Needle and Ted

The dragon vest pattern by Puperita

hooded dragon vest pattern

Deciding what to make, I immediately thought of the dragon vest pattern kindly given to me by Puperita. A cute hooded vest (as they call it in America) that I had been meaning to sew for months and this was the perfect opportunity.

squash outfit ♥ Needle and Tedsquash outfit ♥ Needle and Ted

I changed the pattern slightly to incorporate a high low hemline so that it shows more of the shirt fabric. And the zip opens only half way down the front. Ok, I have to confess, the only reason I changed the zip was because I bought the wrong zip, one that didn’t open at the bottom. Oops!

Also the vest could have been reversible had I found a reversible zip. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for one of those. Walthamstow Market certainly isn’t the place to go looking.

squash outfit ♥ Needle and Tedsquash outfit ♥ Needle and Ted

The bottoms are self drafted. With a low crotch, elastic waist and cuffed ankles. The pockets are more for aesthetics than function, as they are quite shallow. The black fabric is sweatshirt fleece left over from my nephew’s knight hoodie.

squash outfit ♥ Needle and Ted

Steve and Grace where impressed when they saw Scouts little outfit. I’m not sure how impressed Steve will be if he reads this blog post. Shhh!!! We don’t have to tell him.

squash outfit ♥ Needle and Ted

Have you ever written a blog post hoping certain people won’t read it?



8 thoughts on “Would you go to dinner with a man who was wearing this shirt?

  1. St Eve must be a saint for putting up with your Grace!

    I wondered what LBD was initially, I thought it was a club in b Brighton!

    Loved the sports gear.


    • Thank you Toya. I don’t know what it is about drop crotch pants, but I can’t get enough of them.

      Yes, I love recycled too, I feel I’m doing a little something for the environment. I’ve already asked Steve to give me any of his other shirts that MUST NOT be worn past 2014.


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