And the winner is……..

As you can imagine Anna and I had a rather difficult time deciding the winner of the Florence Christmas Blog Tour Competition. Each Florence had elements of beauty and brilliance. But, it so happened that when Anna emailed me with her top 3, we both had 2 of the same bloggers on our list. We therefore eliminated the two that we didn’t double up on, and discussed the merits of the two that remained.

In the end we picked the blogger that answered the brief fully. Their Florence certainly had ‘WOW’ factor and was definitely Christmas inspired. The blogger thought outside the box, jumped on the box and crushed it.

Her Florence was elegant, chic, creative and in essence a Florence at first glance.

So, the wait is over. The winner of the Florence Christmas Blog Tour Competition is……





[drum roll]





















Florence dress by Needle and TedMe. Me, me, me. I’m the winner. I win!


conversation icons

Well, you didn’t expect a blog post without a tiny bit of Needle and Ted humour did you?

OK, time to be serious, the real winner is…





















Made by Toya

Made by ToyaCongratulations Toya, your clean, crisp Mary Poppins Florence was amazing. You went that extra mile by hand printing the fabric, the pom-poms were gorgeous and beautifully finished. Overall, the final result is stunning.



I’ve made you a badge to wear with pride on your blog. Well done Toya and everyone else who took part in the competition. And THANK YOU.




*All icons used in this post were courtesy of The Noun Project.

14 thoughts on “And the winner is……..

  1. Each and every entry by all the talented bloggers in this tour inspired me – I now have a long list of Florences I want to make that will keep me busy for ever – ones that are coats, or with continuous piping and gathered backs, ones that are dresses or sleeveless, or simple, or with lined frills or bows. The florence was a wonderful pattern to work with, it was my first tour and I had so much fun, I may just have to try again. Thank you so much for organising the tour, Olu, I was honoured to be asked to take part and to win is wonderful.


  2. Olu you are silly : ) that made me laugh. I would have to agree that they were all so perfect! Toya’s is very pretty and a well deserved win! I really want to use those tinny poms : ). Than you so much for inviting me to participate! This was very fun!!


  3. What a fantastic collection!!! All the versions are fantastic, and Toya’s was definitely one of my favorites. But I think there are at least three that I would have agreed wholeheartedly to being very well deserved as the winner.

    Great idea and thanks for introducing us all to this designer!


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