Florence Christmas Blog Tour: DAY 3

The Crazy TailorThe Crazy Tailor

Hi there! I’m Sarah from The Crazy Tailor and I’m here with my twist on the Florence! I’m a huge PDF pattern addict (also, I love Kam Snaps, but that’s another story…) and I always like to give them my own spin! Head on over to my  blog to see what I did to change this blouse up a little! Thanks for having me, Olu!


Made by Toya

Made by Toya is a place for sharing my passion for sewing plus some family friendly craft projects and tutorials. I am a self-taught home sewer and predominantly make clothes for my 2 daughters and myself. I love learning new techniques and experimenting with pattern drafting.


The Florence Christmas Blog Tour was my first blog tour, and due to a combination of over-enthusiasm and indecisiveness I chose to make two different versions. For the first, a Mary Poppins inspired look, I followed the original pattern faithfully, and for the second, a snowflake shirt dress I played around with the original pattern quite a lot. You can details of both projects here.


Climbing the Willow

Hi, I’m Teri!  I’m a mom to six kids who keep me pretty busy 🙂  But in my spare time, I love to blog about my sewing projects over at Climbing the Willow.  I was thrilled when Olu asked me to be part of the tour for the Florence Blouse by MadeIt Patterns.  I’ve never tried one of Anna’s patterns, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity!   But, as always, I couldn’t just sew the pattern as is, so I made a couple of changes to make Mae a Christmas jumper that can be worn throughout the winter.  I’m not sure that white was the best choice for my always-in-the-middle-of-the-mess toddler, but I love how it turned out, so she’s wearing it anyway!

One thought on “Florence Christmas Blog Tour: DAY 3

  1. What lovely selection of items. Love the finishing touches on the Cray Tailor, the bow and belt. The styling by Toya is fab. The detail of The Climbing Willow is great, I am not sure what the line down the side is called but I really like that effect. I must copy.


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