The truth about the Ansley Pattern

Ansley ♥ Needle and Ted

OK, I’ll cut to the chase, this pattern was not perfect. I found a few errors. I don’t feel good about mentioning it, and I thought for a long time how I would tackle this post and in the end I thought best just be honest.

Ansley5I contacted Christie, the designer and told her about the inaccuracies I found so hopefully everything is sorted now. I didn’t want to do this blog post without a true picture of my experience. After all, there were lots of things that I really liked about the Ansley pattern which overshadowed the errors, so the truth has a positive ending.

Ansley_close upThe full colour illustrations were excellent and very clearly showed the right and wrong side of the fabric as well as contrasting fabric for the collar and cuffs.

The method for inserting the collar was something I had never done before and I love learning new sewing techniques. But I think the collar could have done with some interfacing for a more crisp finish.


I am a big fan of high low hems, that’s what attracted me to the pattern in the first place, however if I were to make another I would make it longer so as not to reveal the midriff when the arms are raised.


The turned up cuff was a nice touch but the instructions confused me and it seemed like a serged edge would be exposed. I attached the cuff my own way, which definitely wasn’t the right way but the cuff looked finished turned up and left down.

Ansley ♥ Needle and TedThere are lots of options with the Ansley pattern, which is great. It can be a dress or a top, my ideal length would have been tunic length, but did I think of that before hand? Err nope!

It has 4 different sleeves options, regular, puff, flutter and cuffed. I would have liked a long sleeve option as it’s starting to get pretty cold around here (typical of me to want an option that was not catered for).

It has 3 collar options, I had a hard time choosing because I liked them all. And 3 hem options, basic, ruffle and bias. Not bad aye!

Changes I made

For a simple, fuss free Ansley I decided to conceal the snap fasteners behind the button placket and sew the cuffs down to make them stay in place. Had I used plain fabric I would have sewn on buttons or coloured snaps (much less scary) an idea I got from The Queen of Snaps. But the star print fabric was enough ‘action’ for me.


My button placket turned out differently to the image on the pattern, when overlapped it pulled the collar tighter together. It was totally unintentional, I don’t know how it happened, but I’m happy with the outcome.


I lined the bodice so that the inside was tidy and I lined the skirt so that the reverse of the fabric did not show. That’s the thing about a high low hems, you are better off using reversible fabric if you are not intending to line it.


The Ansley pattern has a great silhouette and if it came in adult sizes I’d be making one for me in …erm grey.

If you would like to purchase the Ansley pattern, use coupon code “ILOVEBLAVERY10” at checkout for 10% discount during the blog tour.

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23 thoughts on “The truth about the Ansley Pattern

  1. Appreciate the honesty! My mum used to say to me if you tell the truth and you won’t get into trouble. It wasn’t true I regularly got into trouble back then. It took me over 30 years to realise it’s more complex than that. Now I live in the truth or in its shadow. Learning all the time!

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  2. I am sorry you didn’t have a more perfect experience with the Ansley pattern. It’s true we did discuss your thoughts on the pattern and I will make any necessary changes. Like the length of the high low top and improve the cuff instructions.

    Hopefully you had fun being a part of the blog tour. Have a lovely day. :o)


    • Thanks for your comment Christie. I enjoyed being part of the Ansley tour. Thank you for taking my thoughts into consideration. I am sure you can make it perfect with your changes. Then maybe think about adult sizes perhaps?


  3. It is refreshing to see someone be honest when a pattern doesn’t work out as great as anticipated. It seems that the designer is open to the feedback, so hopefully that means the future patterns will have less issues. Pattern design is a learning experience 🙂 But I love what you did with the pattern.


  4. Olu, you are the queen of mixing prints! I’m loving that camo lining! I addressed some points with Christie and was glad she did not take offense to it. That’s what makes a so-so pattern a great pattern!


  5. I like your look! And your pictures are great! I have to agree with the length issue…my girls love the top, but wanted it more tunic length. They’ll be wearing something under theirs for sure. As for the long sleeves…I just came up with my own:) The other thing I would add to the pattern is top stitching. That did make my collar feel more substantial after going around the whole collar.


  6. Well, it looks GREAT on her! I think it’s a pretty unique pattern, too! It’s so hard when a pattern doesn’t have the best instructions or finishing. I am always torn between wanting to be honest but also not to publicly make the designer feel bad, you know? I think you did the right thing by emailing her. But as they say – all’s well that ends well, and this definitely ended well. 🙂


  7. I didn’t mind the length but yes, if my daughter was older, I would want it longer. I also didn’t do the cuffed sleeve. I really love your choice of fabric and that you lined it! It looks great!


  8. Great review! Thanks for your honesty about the pattern. I love that you added a lining to the skirt. High low hems looked so much more professional when they are lined.


  9. Olu, I think you did a great job saying what you thought about your experience sewing with this pattern, as well as being respectful towards the designer and sharing your feedback. I love sewing with indie patterns, and I want indie designers to do well. I view providing designers with honest and constructive feedback helpful. I mean, how can you twick something unless you know there is a need for that?

    I also love the lining, it does make the hemline look so neat!


  10. Lovin’ the top especially the fabric choice. Yep best to be honest so they can change the pattern before it goes on sale. My pet hate is buying a pattern, making the item and it all goes a bit wrong. Better the designer knows, that’s what a tour is for. The designer should still be proud of what she has done there were so many positive comments about her pdf and many design choices. I looked at what the others made too such a great range. She definitely chose some fab bloggers to do her tour.


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