You know that amazing feeling when you go to bed knowing your entire house is clean?

No, neither do I.

housework quote

Can you relate to this?

Today, my post is unusually all about me (and my love of sewing). The Around the World Blog Hop was kindly passed on to me from Renne of Nearest the Pin. Basically, there are 4 questions and I just need to answer them, so here goes…

What am I working on?

I am always working on too many things at once, I have countless number of unfinished project, I have gazillions of things I would like to sew…

I have so little time.

going to bed

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

This question assumes I know lots of other blogs in my genre, well as a matter of fact I do, I follow 212 blogs via Bloglovin, I just counted and have actually shocked myself. Not all of these blogs are sewing related, some are fashion or design related and the odd humours blog to add to the mix. So I should be able to easily answer the question, but no, it’s not that easy. In fact there are more similarities than differences as far as I can see BUT…

I do like to add a bit of humour into my blog posts, with a hint of sarcasm sometimes. I laugh at my own blog posts and if nobody else is laughing with me, it makes me laugh even more. Simple things amuse me. Like the fact that there is not a single picture of me on my blog, it’s my way of being mysterious like some kind of sewing Banksy.

I saw a man with a Banksy ‘girl with balloon‘ tattoo on his arm the other day. Wouldn’t it be funny if one day someone had a tattoo of Ted on their arm or better still the Sunki dress I blogged about last week.


Talking of Ted, that’s a thing that makes my blog different. No one else has Ted in every nearly every shot. Ted is like a character on every page of a child’s picture storybook. Like in Farmyard Tales where you encourage your child to find the yellow duck even though the yellow duck has nothing to do with the story. On my blog Ted can be found lurking in the background of most shots but I never mention him. And the fact that Ted is not even a teddy bear, he’s a mouse. Anyone else laughing?

Two haute shorts ♥ Needle and Ted

Darcy is wearing Two Haute shorts. A pattern by Lil Luxe Collection.

Why do I create what I do?

That’s an easy one, the simple answer is ‘BECAUSE I BLIMIN’ LOVE IT’, and that’s why the hoovering can wait till tomorrow. You can read more here, but to summarise I am sewing all of my daughters’ clothes for at least a year (oooh!!! the year is ending soon) and that way my girls can dress with more spice and less sugar. You see, I have an aversion to:

  • kittens on t-shirts
  • pink with pink on top of pink with lilac tights
  • ruffles round the ankles
  • basically anything twee

How does the creating process work?

I’m not sure you can call it a process. I am forever thinking about new things to sew. I’ve always got ideas and plans flying around my head. I squeeze extra things in when I know I have no time. Before I finish one project I’m already on to the next. It’s more about making and stealing time to get things done.


So that’s then end of the Blog Hop questions, I hope you don’t feel you have wasted 4 minutes of your life reading about me, after all, you could have been watching Strictly Come Dancing, so thanks for getting to the end nearly the end of my post.

Time to pass on the Around the World Blog Hop

Firstly I would like to pass it on to Toya from Made by Toya because:

  • she lives in London and I think 4 minutes isn’t long enough to be in London, so long may the blog hop stay in London
  • Toya drafts her own pattens to make clothes for herself and her daughters and I want her talent
  • I also want this grey smock with the big pockets or at least the pattern for it because it’s blimin’ gorgeous and the sooner Toya starts drafting and grading patterns for all of us to use the better, that’s what I say.

Also I shall be passing the blog hop on to Nina from Fliegfederfrei who doesn’t live in London but I chose her because:


  • she made this yellow drape dress, I absolutely love it and I want more people to see it


Which brings my post to a nice happy ending.

Enjoy the weekend ♥


14 thoughts on “You know that amazing feeling when you go to bed knowing your entire house is clean?

  1. haha, I can relate so very much to the beginning of your post! And i enjoyed reading the rest of it!
    groetjes R.
    Ps. And if I am not lost reading my way through the internet I’ll be making a pattern to download for my boys pants you wanted to sew!


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