Harem pants are cool. Agree or Disagree?

Alley cat romper ♥ Needle and Ted

The drop crotch or harem pants as some of us like to call them are quite a fashion statement. They form the basis of my wardrobe, they are remarkably versatile so I often rely on them. They are not to everyones taste but I love them. Maximum comfort with minimum effort, dress them up or dress them down, they are effortlessly cool.

Which is why I was beside myself when I saw the Alley Cat Romper from the Lil Luxe Collection. I had made Darcy and Scout harem pants before, I had searched high and low for the pattern and now, at last another pattern with a drop crotch, hallelujah!

 But will a 7 year old wear ‘the drop crotch’?

Alley cat romper ♥ Needle and Ted

Darcy and I don’t always agree on fashion, her style is developing, she doesn’t like pink, she won’t wear hats and she finds it perfectly acceptable to wear socks with flip flops.

I always check with her before I make her something but that doesn’t mean she won’t change her mind about it once it’s time to leave the house.

But let me tell you what happened when she tried on the Alley Cat Romper for the first time. She danced, jumped and ran round the house like a looney singing “Oh yeah baby, so warm and snuggly.” She was head over heels with excitement. Needless to say she loves her romper just as much as I do.

A practical change to the pattern

Alley cat romper ♥ Needle and Ted

The summer is sadly coming to an end here in London, so in order for Darcy to wear her romper all year round I adapted the pattern at the back. I raised the low back and incorporated a button placket for the opening. I found it was easier to do it than it was to think about it. I finished the button holes by hand (boring!) because The Machine was hungry and kept trying to eat my fabric.

Choosing the fabric

Alley cat romper ♥ Needle and Ted

You may think I had my fabric choice sorted before I started to sew the Alley Cat Romper. That would be the sensible thing to do wouldn’t it? When thinking of what fabric to use all my ideas always started and ended with black. But as I started to cut out my black jersey it dawned on me that I wouldn’t have enough. I didn’t have time to get more so I checked my fabric stash and reluctantly pulled out a mottled grey and black fabric. I say reluctantly not because I didn’t think it would look good, I actually thought it would look great but it was a favourite that I had been saving. I had big plans to make it into a Rick Owens inspired twisted drape dress of some sort for myself. But you know how we do anything for our children….. hmmm! It was hard to give up, but that’s love.

More to come

Alley cat romper ♥ Needle and Ted

If have a few patterns from the Lil Luxe Collection. This is one more to add to my collection (how many times can you use the word ‘collection’ in one paragraph?) But keep popping back, there is more to come, you are in for a treat.

What do you think?

Alley cat romper ♥ Needle and Ted

Are harem pants cool? Would you or do you wear them? Or can you not get images of Justin Bieber out of your head, which is far worse than the image of MC Hammer or Aladdin.

Want to make an Alley Cat Romper?

Alley cat romper ♥ Needle and Ted

ENTER THE GIVEAWAY and try to win the pattern and some fabric. Good luck.

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10 thoughts on “Harem pants are cool. Agree or Disagree?

  1. I am not necessarily a fan of the Harem pant. I don’t think they are for me but whilst on holiday I wore some, they were great for the summer weather and very comfortable. I was a fan for those 2 weeks. So I can see ehy she loves it. I love the fabric on the romper suit. Another great sew.


  2. MC hammer pulled off the look! Sure! Besides that if your a child or a woman it’s fine.

    Otherwise you can’t touch them. Oh oh oh oh oh can’t touch them.


  3. I love this pattern. I’m just waiting for my girls to walk and then I will sew a few of this romper. I don’t want them to have “knee patch” after one use! They’re already 15 months old, it shouldn’t take long 😉


  4. That little girl would look cute in anything. I’ve known some fashion-forward adults who’ve worn harem pants and looked OK, but I’ve never been able to get into them.


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