Do you choose the fabric for the pattern or pattern for fabric?

Camo set ♥ Needle and Ted I saw the fabric, I liked it, 100% cotton, medium weight, modern camouflage, just the right colour, £7 a meter, that’ll do nicely, thank you very much.

I missed out the bit where I had a long in depth conversation with my sister about the perfect balance of camouflage squiggle, colour, modernity and authenticity, but that would have changed the whole style of my opening sentence.

“What are you making?” my sister said. It sounds like an reasonable, innocent question but I know what she was really saying “You’re not buying more fabric to live in the storage box under your bed not to be used for ages are you?” in that “Haven’t you got enough fabric, do you really need more?” kind of voice.

I try not to pause too long. There is no way that I’m going to let her think that she could be right. “A pair of bubble shorts.” I say. Phew! That sounded convincing. I got away with it. No, actually, that is a really good idea. The fabric would look great as a pair of bubble shorts. So I begin to elaborate about how these bubble shorts could look so cool, and Darcy would love the fabric and I know just the pattern to use. I convinced my sister (ha ha) and the idea filled me with excitement and I couldn’t wait to get started.

I’d had the patten Pinned for ages, time to make a pur-chase. That’s how I say purchase when I’m excited, ‘pur-chase’.


The shorts were quick and easy to make because the instructions were clear and thorough. They turned out exactly as as I envisaged, curious and quirky.

But what about a top? I was thinking of a racerback vest (as in the British word for a vest, not the American word which is the British word for a waistcoat, are you following?) and it just so happened that Jenn of Jennuine Design had just designed a racer back swing top and she was looking for testers. Perfect!


The LOL swing top is a great pattern, it can be made in jersey too. No doubt Jenn’s final version of this pattern will be as concise and impressive as her last pattern.

Keep your eyes peeled, the pattern is to be released very soon with a 20% discount during launch week.

LOLbubble3But what’s a swing top without swinging? (OK, smarty pants it’s a top, that was a rhetorical question).

Camo set ♥ Needle and Ted

Bubble shorts teamed up with the LOL swing top, I think it makes a gorgeous little outfit. I chose the fabric before I chose the pattern. What do you do?

24 thoughts on “Do you choose the fabric for the pattern or pattern for fabric?

  1. I love the top and the bubble shorts. Not a big fan of camouflage but they look great! I can’t remember when it was the last time I went to the fabric shop with a pattern in mind lol, I usually just buy the fabric and then think there will probably be some pattern to showcase it hehe!


  2. I definitely see fabric first then think what shall I make, then leave the fabric in the back room. I am super impressed that your material is stored away under the bed.


  3. Bless, the whole outfit is really cute! For me, I buy fabric first, even if it sits in the stash for a few years. At least I have it, ready & waiting for me to find the perfect pattern/occasion to use it for.


  4. This looks great together. Nice work thinking on your feet… I have had to do that a few times!! I have a lot of fabric that I have bought first… Unless I am hooked on sewing a particular pattern – then I chase down very specific fabrics.


    • Thank you. Yes, I do that too. I can spend ages looking for fabric when I have a pattern in mind and then I can’t find what I’m looking for. Funny how it’s easier to buy fabric when you’re not looking for anything in particular 😉


    • Thank you. The shorts are soft and comfortable, but for the top I used an everso slightly stiff fabric because I wanted it to stick out away from the body and be light and airy. It will probably get softer with each wash though. We’ve been having a very hot summer here in London and it’s nice when it floats a little in the breeze.


  5. This outfit is adorable ! I always buy fabric first thinking that maybe one day I’ll find the perfect pattern for it… I went to Ikea last week and bought 5 huge storage box and I already filled 4 of them with fabric (and it wasn’t even half of my stash…) ! 😉

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